Mens Suede Jacket

What to wear with your suede jackets

Leather jackets and apparel are the heartbeat of every modern society if you talk about fashion and style. Leather being a versatile material makes up for the ninety percent of the clothing and accessories. Leather jackets are not only practical but also exude glamour and style which is mostly the reason for most people opting for the jackets. Since the modern lifestyle characterizes style and fashion, it is impossible to stay aloof from the latest fashion trends. Talking about the leather jackets, there are varieties of leather types which are used to manufacture the jackets; one of which is Suede.

Suede jackets are basically for casual use and if you want to show off the rugged side of your personality, this style makes the best choice. Suede leather is given a napped finish and is very soft and thin to look at. It is therefore, most suitable for informal use as it is not very durable either. So if you want to enjoy the rough and tough outlook, you must go a for a Suede jacket.

Now if you look at the options for the dressing with which you may wear a suede jacket, a pair of jeans tops the list. Yes! Jeans being the hot favorite of youngsters makes the best pair with the pure jacket of suede. The color combination may vary but some of the options you may go for include the blue and brown; both being the male colors make the perfect pair. A blue button up shirt will match perfectly if you carry it with the Suede and casual jeans.

As for the shoes to be worn with men’s suede jacket depicting the casual look, you may go for either type of shoes as they complement the outlook. Yes! The high heeled shoes with the pointed tip or a pair of shoes with thick sole may serve the purpose. Other options include a leather jacket with a cowboy hat and rugged jeans. The cowboy hat is mostly liked by the young guys who want to look attractive in their rough and tough attire. There are different colors of the hats which match with the suede jackets as for example, you may opt for a light brown or khaki cowboy hat which will make you look stylish and modish.

Apart from the men’s suede jacket, there are leather jackets made from suede specially tailored for women also. They vary in lengths and sizes in order to cater to the needs of the target market. In addition, the color assortment is also different from the men’s suede jacket. Since women tend to use bright funky colors, the suede for women is dyed in to different shades.

If you also want to flaunt your style in a feminine fashion, you may opt for your favorite color of suede jacket pairing it with a bell bottom jeans or trousers. The most popular style is the matching the colors of suede and trousers. However, you may go for contrasting colors as the black suede jacket pairs perfectly with white straight trousers. A simple top with vertical lining makes the best choice when it comes to the selection of shirt with your suede jacket. Similarly, the women love to wear hats and caps with the suede jackets as the outlook seems chic and modish.