Plus Size Leather Jackets

Big does not mean non stylish, it can be elegant

The fashion industry is filled with the thinnest of the thinnest models. Models are known to starve themselves just to look as thin as a toothpick and to impress the fashion designer. We hardly ever see a model that has curves or a big bum. This is an unfortunate reality that is happening in the world of fashion and modelling. Because we look to them for guidance into what we should wear and how we should wear it, not showing plus size models and clothes gives the impression that being plus sized isn’t appealing.

The industry has sidelined the figure for years. “I think the plus sized figure is underrated and not given much attention,” says Esther Mokoena. “It is celebrities like Mo’nique who always looks good that reminds the world that they are still around,” she says.

In the real world we find people find people of all sizes and shapes. There are clothes that are made especially for wider figures and when executed correctly they are a winner for the wearer. Leather has re-awakened the world this time around. Everyone is either wearing it or getting their hands on it. Plus size leather jackets aren’t widely advertised as the petite and figure hugging jackets. Plus size figures exude the voluptuousness of a women’s body. The female plus size leather jackets give off the same effect.

Rapper and musician, Fat Joe, is famous for wearing a brown men’s leather jacket in his music videos. As his name suggests, he is ‘fat’. He clearly has no problem with his weight. It can be assumed that he wears plus size leather jackets. Whether plus sized or slim, a leather jacket adds elegance and style to anyone wearing. Just like it fits into any kind of weather, it also fits into any kind of body shape. Leather jackets for plus sized men are available in all sorts of designs. There is a quilted jacket that is black and has a glossy finish.

The internet is a great way to find anything and everything required. Many sell fashionable plus size leather jackets to the public. The jackets are reasonably priced to suit your budget. And they are below the market related price of a minimum of $500. They offer a regular price and a special price. The special price ranges from $480 to a little over $600. The regular price is no more than $300. Racing giant, Ferrari has trendy leather jackets they have sizes for everyone. Their sizes end at 3XL.

Making clothes for the catwalk can be a once off thing. Any fashion designers want to cut costs at all costs. Material costs money and the more you buy the higher the price. This could be the reason why they want models to wear less than a size zero to display their garments. Through the years the fashion world has been a lot more tolerant of plus size figures. Tyra Banks’ hit show, America’s Next Top Model, has had a few plus size models competing for the price. A plus model ended up winning season 10 of the competition. So not all is lost. There is still hope of change embracing the diversity that the female and male bodies come in.