Plus Size Leather Corsets

Plus size leather corsets - How convenient and practical

The corset is an antique piece of clothing from the 18th century. It was worn by the crème de la crème of the royal palace. The corset was commonly worn as an under garment to suck in the belly and highlight the breasts. Giving them an extra lift, like a push up bra. This was achieved by one of the servants pulling and tugging at the straps as much as they can to show the waist as petite and tiny. Most women who wore them found it hard to breathe.

Like so many clothing items from old, they have been revamped and reshaped to suit the modern world. The corset is amongst the oldest pieces of clothing to still be relevant today. However, it is not worn underneath like before. Some brides wear them underneath their wedding gowns. It is worn on its own as lingerie, around guests at theme parties and it is mostly used at photo shoots portraying a pin-up model look.

They have gotten smaller and sexier as the years have gone by. The discomfort, however, hasn’t disappeared. In order to achieve the double D breast size, pulling and tugging at the straps heavily is required for this to happen. The corset comes designed in different materials, each offering a different appeal. There are plus size leather corsets that have a pin-up model look. They are sexy and suitable as lingerie. Corsets made of lace and cotton is softer and feminine.

Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland wore the leather corset in one of her sexy music videos. Beyoncé Knowles also wore it in her ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ music video. It is still recognised as a garment that elevates sex appeal for many people. Worn correctly this is possible to achieve. Both musicians show this in their music videos. The corset is for special occasions. Occasions that celebrates a woman’s figure and waist. On days like International Push-Up Bra day it can be showed off because it gives the lift that the push up bra gives. has the Antiseptic Fashion leather corset that is nothing like the usual old-fashioned design. Their corset is a one handed and it goes over the opposite shoulder. This creates emphasis on the neckline. It looks almost like a dress. It is made of leather and has small belt buckles at the bottom. This corset is applicable as outerwear for the streets and any fancy place you will be heading to.

The saying that ‘pain is beauty’ is explicitly true for the corset. The corset has been known to cause respiratory problems and broken ribs. Plus size leather corsets are not for everyday use. They are not practical or convenient in any way. Firstly they aren’t suitable if you want someone to take you seriously. The plus size leather corsets are more applicable at costume parties or during Halloween. Putting on a corset is a 2 man job. In order for you to satisfactorily put it on you need someone to pull and tug at the straps behind you.

There are a lot of clothes available in stores that create the corset waist and bust.  Wearing a corset seems like a hassle. Unless you are visiting Buckingham palace or any place close to a palace, leave the corset for the bedroom. It is not worth the trouble when the female body can be easily shaped and silhouetted with shirts, dresses, skirts and a variety of other clothes.