Plus Size Leather Coats

Shearling coat - The new styles doing rounds this year

Leather being used in the garment industry is made from different animals’ skin. The basic characteristics of a particular leather type come originally from the respective animal’s skin. For the same reason, the texture and feel of every leather type is varies from the rest. In fact, it is the variety of leather which makes it ever green and an all time favorite of the designers as well as the customers. One of the commonly used leather type used for designing coats and jackets is the Shearling. It is basically the fur skin of baby sheep that has been torn only once. Since the characteristic property of the sheep skin is its flexibility and suppleness, it is mostly used to make the inner side of various garments. The finish of the lambskin is either suede or Nappa finish. The quality and finish of a garment whether it is a jacket or a coat made from Shearling involves a lot of expertise and care. In addition, the climatic conditions play a vital role.

Plus size leather coats are one of the hottest garment items this season as the lambskin is light weight and offers a soft and stylish touch to the garment. Well here are some of the most popular styles of a plus size leather coats this year.

The Bomber jacket was initially used by pilots during the World War I as they were exposed to the thrust of air while flying in open cockpits. Although the times have changed drastically but the need of a bomber jacket has never be marred. In fact, the new designs with wraparound collars, zipped fronts and wind flaps of the leather bomber jackets made from shearling have really won the hearts of the fashion lovers.

Car coat is another trendy design of the shearling variety as it is meant for drivers. A little more than hip length allows comfortable driving as it does not bunch up when you sit behind the wheel of your car. Since this plus size leather coats are practical and stylish, it is the hot favorite of the new generation.

Combining the warmth of shearling and wool is the Duffel coat. Yes! The wool has been named after the city of Belgium where the coat design has been originated from. The mostly used style of the Duffel coat comes with the toggle buttons having a hood at the back making it trendier and chic. The combination of wool and shearling makes it more warm, hence, the most suitable item to wear this winter.

Blazer made from shearling is the most favorite garment of modern guys. As it can be worn as a casual wear with jeans, it makes the perfect choice for all those guys out there who want to carry an attractive look. It is not only stylish but also practical as it is warm and elegant.

The full length coat made from shearling is a sign of comfort as well as style. The coat exudes sheer glamour and fashion. This is very much in to fashion trends these days especially in the areas where the temperature touches well below the freezing point. It is a special coat for males living in the cold areas provisioned with an additional lining inside the coat so as to make it even warmer and practical to use.