Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

Leather vests - The popular brands and the latest styles

People who wear leather vests are very few. Drummers and the occasional biker wear them to look cool. It does send out a rough boy image that is trying too hard. Leather vests used to be worn by motorcyclists underneath their leather jackets. It was only exposed when the biker felt hot and needed to cool down after a long trip. Majority of leather vests have no protective armour. All they do is keep you cool and sweat free. This is achievable through the leather vest because it is sleeveless and has no vents.

A rough and tough programme like Sons of Anarchy is one of the shows that promote the leather vest. Worn by actor, Katey Segal, the long hair and rugged look highlights the Sons of Anarchy leather vest very well. The show usually revolves around riding hard and dying harder. It is a very macho show.

Wulfguard who watches the show would like to get his hands on a Sons of Anarchy leather vest. “Sons of Anarchy make the biker vest look quite cool,” he says. “Because they have no sleeves this means that they will be lighter and suitable for wearing during summer months,” he adds. Wulfguard likes a few things that come with the jacket and they include the tastefully hidden snap buttons as well as the interior lining which is easily removable. “The Sons of Anarchy leather vest lining can be removed simply by unzipping it,” he says.

Adding accessories or embellishments to the leather vest is done by a lot of designers. It is the common trend in leather vests. Studs are the popular addition made to the jacket. They can be placed anywhere on the vest. The shoulder area is a good place to start because they draw attention to the eye leaving the bottom behind.

The leather vest can come made in three different collar styles. There’s the stand up, collarless, V neck and snap down collar style. Each collar style adds a different appeal to the vest. The V neck and snap down aren’t very common but they exude the most style and presence when worn. A collarless leather vest is what is widely available in a lot of retail and departmental stores.

The leather vest comes in different designs and cuts for men and women. The women’s cut is sexier because it is shaped to complement the natural silhouette of the female body. Men’s leather vests on the other hand can be dull and boring. They are shapeless and they only good when they have studs or rough textures that give the jacket a bit of ‘pizazz’.

The Sons of Anarchy leather vest has a few designs that have the SOA trade name patched onto them. The patches are mostly made in white and a little bit of black. This livens up the jacket making it flattering. Unique FQ Appreal Store has made a fashionable and slick leather vest that is elegant and classic for the man. It has a V neck collar and it fits the body so tightly that the muscles become visible to the naked eye. It is also masculine and this means that it won’t diminish you manliness in any way. In fact it will contribute to enhancing it.