Motorcycle Vest

How to Choose a Motorcycle Vest

In order to make a good choice of a motorcycle vest, you need to be aware of certain pertinent things. You also need to consider several factors, if you are to be successful in choosing a motorbike vest that will serve you well. The vest in question here is typically made out of leather. It shares many features with a leather jacket: only that it doesn’t have sleeves and neither does it (in most cases) have a strap. It can serve the purpose served by a motorcycle jacket, without some of the encumbrances associated with a leather jacket. Given the fact that a typical motorbike vest is made out of leather, many of the considerations that come into play when buying any leather outfit are relevant here as well. Above those, we also have some specific considerations that apply to a motorbike vest.

All said and done, when choosing a motorbike vest, you need to:

Get the dimensions right

A proper motorbike vest fits well. It is not extremely long, and neither is it extremely short. It is just the right size. As far as dimensions go, a motorcycle vest is different from a motorcycle jacket in that when buying a motorcycle jacket, you can go for one that is very long or very short and it will still look alright. With a motorbike vest though, you have to get the dimensions right. This applies even if you are buying the motorbike vest for purely cosmetic reasons (as a fashion item) because even then, one that is either too long or too short will look rather odd.

Opt for the right type of leather

The leather that is used in the manufacture of motorbike vests comes in different varieties. You can find motorbike vests that are made using pigskin leather, other made out cattle leather, with others still being made out of buffalo leather and lambskin respectively. For the lower end of the market, you find motorbike vests made using faux leather as well. In deciding the right type of leather to go for, you need to ask yourself the question as to what you are buying the motorbike vest for. That is, in other words, the consideration which pertains to what is (really) important to you, in the motorbike vest to be purchased. Is it durability? Is it trendiness? Is it effectiveness as a riding garment - in terms of ability to keep the cold out when riding? Your answer to this question will tell you what type of leather to go for, in a motorbike vest.

Opt for a motorbike vest you will be able to maintain

Certain types of motorbike vest are very easy to maintain, whereas other types of motorbike vests are high-maintenance garments. It is upon you to figure out how much energy and time you can devote to maintaining the garment, and then opt for one that you can maintain well.

Look at how the vest is sewn

How the vest is sewn has a direct implication on how durable it is likely to be. If durability is important to you, then your best bet is to go for a motorcycle vest that is well sewn.

Opt for a reasonably stylish motorbike vest

Nowadays, people look at motorbike vests critically in terms of stylishness, and if you buy one that is not stylish, you may end up looking bad. You therefore need to put some effort in selecting a motorbike vest that is reasonably stylish – a motorbike vest that you will look nice in.