Leather Vest

How a leather vest can change your looks leather vests

Leather vests aren’t exactly the trending garment in the fashion industry. They are considered old-fashioned and boring. Motorcyclists, the very people the jacket is made for aren’t exactly sure of the purpose of the vest. Kanye West wore the leather vest a few years ago in some of his music videos. Wearing a leather vest will either diminish or elevate your look. For some people it works and for others it doesn’t. It works for bikers because it comes standard with their safety gear. For the fashion forward male or female looking to be trendy not so much.

Fashion designers have dabbled with the leather vest and have come out with some rather unique leather vestsfor women. June has made a fur coat with leather sleeves that resembles the leather vest. Some of her vests are sleeveless. The leather vests are modern and June has managed to successfully achieve repurposing the vest in an appropriate manner. Her vests are unique because they are made of fur. Her design has stripped the leather vest of its rugged and hazardous reputation.

Junes’ fur leather vests will work for any lady who wears it. Its chic and it has the potential of being trendy. A women’s leather vest is a lot more appealing to the eye than the men’s vest. A women’s vest comes in different designs. There’s the corset and the halter neck. Both can be worn for special occasions or when you’re feeling a little sexy.

A women’s leather vest is a hit, whilst the men’s vest is not so much a hit. The vest is usually tight fitting and gives a considerable lift to the breasts. The men’s vest hasn’t gone through any extensive modifications or redesigning. It still is the standard design that is originally known for the leather vest. There are some leather vests that are studded and coloured. The studs and colour clutter the jacket and makes the jacket more unappealing. Studs make the jacket look heavy. This defeats the purpose of it not being a leather jacket.

Despite the men’s vest coming in a standard design. There are a few leather vests in retail stores that are slimmer and fashion appropriate. These vests have longer ‘V’ shaped bottom sleeves and are sleeveless.

The price of the leather vest is significantly lower than a normal leather jacket. Forever 21 sell a men’s vest for $440. Online store aliexpress.com has a wide range of male leather vest. They are stylish, flattering and trendy. They also go for a very cheap price starting from $300.

A leather vest is not very dominant in the fashion scene. Hence it hasn’t been picked up by notable fashion designers and houses. Finding the right cut and fit is essential to pull off the look. The leather vest can be worn for a night out the town by men and women or for the office with a t-shirt and tie for the work orientated male.

It can be worn casually with a simple tee and jeans. There are a few things you can do to revive the leather vest and turn it into a fashionable piece. How it is worn determines whether the fashion world will love or hate it. Dressing the leather vest up and not down is your best bet at turning heads and creating the ‘I want that’ desire to on-lookers.