Harley Davidson Leather Vest

The latest fades of fashion in leather vests

Despite the leather vest slowly receding off the fashionable radar, a few people here and there still manage to make it work and make it look stylish. Male or female, those who can pull the look the off catapult the vest from drab to fab! Some women’s leather vests can be deemed as fashionable, for instance the vests that fashion designer June made for women are conventional and they are very attractive. Just as there are inspirational women’s designs, Harley Davidson leather vest that is trendy and fashion forward exists.

Online stores, aliexpress.com and leather4sure.com have a variety of styles and cuts that are suitable for this season. The leather vest on general comes in four collar designs, V neck, snap, stand up, snap down and a collarless vest. Each collar wear has its pros and cons when worn but the collarless and V neck are the prominent ones that feature in Harley Davidson leather. The leather vest is supposed to be used by bikers. Worn underneath the protective leather jacket, when the jacket it removed the leather vest is meant to provide the same protection of a leather jacket without the heat.

In fashion this is quite redundant, because the heavy armour has no purpose for the vents and mesh lining. Bikers don’t really love the leather vest because majorities don’t know the use for it or they don’t see the point of having one. Even though it faces extinction in the riding industry, the fashion world has tweaked it a bit to rid it of its bad boy reputation and punk/gothic look.

When riding a bike, protection is everything. Bikers stick to a leather jacket that is comfortable and fits ride. It is rare to find a motorcyclist actively looking for Harley Davidson leather vest for the open road.

In fashion, exuding style and elegance is what most people try to accomplish with their outfits. A classic outfit goes a long mile in being memorable. When the Harley Davidson leather is adapted for fashionable reasons, its shape, design and colour is altered. Most cuts that are made highlight masculinity and do all the right things for a man’s body.

Some leather vests, however, don’t offer the same emphasis. A loose fitting or baggy leather vest is definitely dwindling for men and women. Tight hugging fits are all the rage. A vest that has no accessories, like studs, chains or colour patches is very ugly to look at. This is because leather can have a matte finish. So a vest that is black and has a matter finish would remind one of licourice, and licourice has a tendency of leaving a bad after taste in the mouth. Vests that have a glossy finish create the opposite effect; they stand out and tick the elegant and classic/chic box.

Just as vest that has nothing to make it stand out. A vest that is overly decorated is also fading. Such a vest can be too busy and might actually give off the look it is trying to shed, e.g. looking like a punk, or having a bad boy reputation. There are a lot of leather vests for men out there. Finding the right one isn’t much of a hassle, because you now know how to weed out the ones that diminish your street value.