Brown Leather Vest

Leather trends - The must have of this season

So you might be asking yourself what is (or how is) the fashion crowd wearing this season. Well wonder no more as anything with leather in it is a must-have item. This can be a jacket, shirt or some pants for the men or a skirt, dress, t-shirt or shorts for the ladies. Dressed up or down leather is what fashion crazed, fashion forward folks are wearing.

Apart from the shoe, the leather jacket is the oldest garment to be worn in the world. It has been remade to flatter and appeal to generation X. Even the redundant leather vest has managed to creep its way back in. Whether it is a brown leather vestfor men or women it has come back in a sassy and cheeky way.

During the summer or spring it can get pretty hot and a leather jacket can become too heavy and hot at times. This is because it absorbs heat. One of the reasons a leather jacket was worn mainly by pilots is because it worked as a shock absorber when there was an accident or crash. The leather jacket is durable which makes it flexible and less prone to tearing and puncturing. This is still relevant to the aircrew but not so to those of us who dress it up for style and a sense of cool.

Leather trends vary for men and women; they only overlap when it comes to the leather jacket. A men’s leather jacket can have a unisex look to it. This holds true especially in the biking industry. The men’s jacket can be passed off as a women’s jacket.

And sometimes it is.

What is trending for men are the leather pants, the bomber jacket and the leather shirt. Due to the leather jackets slight puffiness it is the signature jacket for men alike. Most men’s first leather jacket is the bomber jacket. Brown leather vest for men isn’t making a lot of noise in the fashion industry. It can be assumed that it is still finding its proper place in the market. The leather pants come in various designs. There’s the gypsy pant that is smart and casual yet elegant. It creates a desirable effect on the men’s body. The men’s leather shorts are a bit extravagant. They are extremely casual and are worn mostly by ‘ballers’ and hip hop cats.

Another leather pant for men is the skinny pants. The leather skinny pants are by-far the most elegant and stylish pants for men. They offer a masculinity that the other pants don’t. Be seen as strong and handsome in comfortable skinny pants. Just like the leather jacket, they are an all-rounder. They fit into any gathering.

Leather trends for ladies are galore in retail, designer and thrift stores. The leather dress, skirt and shirt are just a few of the garments that celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing. The leather skirt comes in three different types of cuts. It can be worn as a pencil skirt, a mini or flare. The pencil skirt is the one that gives the lady sophistication. It hugs the thighs and curves creating a ‘take me seriously’ look.

Even for women the leather vest hasn’t made much of an impact. Brown leather vest made by designer June are smooth and slim. They are made for women and not for men.