Yellow Motorcycle Jacket

Leather Jackets: What is New for Bikers This Season

This season, bikers have several new leather jacket designs to add to their wardrobes. Some of these are classic motorcycle leather jackets, while others are motorcycle leather jackets in modernist designs. Some of the new leather jackets this season are colorful, while some are truly plain, color-wise. This season, some of the new leather jackets are actually only nominally leather jackets, as they are made from a type of plastic referred to as faux leather - which genuinely looks like leather, but lacks the finer qualities of authentic leather. Most of the new jackets for bikers this season are, however, real leather products, bearing the full elegance and toughness traditionally associated with real leather biker jackets.

New leather jackets for bikers this season include:

Leather jackets with long-waist silhouettes

In these leather jackets for bikers, the long-waist silhouettes add aesthetic value. The bodies of the jackets are designed to absorb impact, in line with the basic protective function of a good yellow motorcycle jacket. People who don’t actually ride motorcycles, but whose fascination with motorcycle jackets is purely for fashion purposes, will still love these jackets. Men who want to look all tough, rugged, masculine, unbeatable… and so on will see this as an ideal motorcycle jacket, though it is still good for ladies wanting to depict the same (masculine) style attributes.

Tumble aged cowhide motorbike jackets with brass hardware

These have a generally toned-down (and hence cool, nice) look. Being real cowhide motorbike jackets, they provide as much impact protection as you could hope to get anywhere else. They are ideal when you want to spot a yellow motorcycle jacket that you can feel comfortable in, and at the same time, on account of the plainness, go quietly unnoticed.

Quilted faux leather motorbike jackets

It is not just genuine leather that is capable of quilting: this season, we have quilted faux leather motorbike jackets! The core attraction in these, as in all classic faux leather biker jackets, is the affordability. Still, by faux leather jacket standards, they look good and they look as if they can last a few years before the top plastic coatings start peeling off.

Fully feminine leather biker jackets

Classically, a yellow motorcycle jacket has been a testosterone-oozing garment, with very few (if at all any) feminine touches. Some ladies have, of course, loved such jackets, but others have cast wishes for fully, or at least highly, feminine leather motorbike jackets. Those wishes are granted this season, with fully feminine motorbike jackets, complete with laces, tight arms, inbuilt/attached jacket belts at the waist and all other fancy feminine jacket features.

Italian style leather motorbike jackets

For as long as we can remember, the American design style has dominated the motorcycle jackets niche. While people have loved it, they have wished for more variety: and that variety is now becoming available through, for instance, Italian style leather motorbike jackets. Generally less tightly fitted than the American style leather motorbike jacket, the Italian style yellow motorcycle jacket also has more elaborate sleeve caps, and well coordinated pockets. For the most part, the new Italian style leather motorbike jackets we are encountering this season are lightweight jackets, mostly crafted out of buffalo leather. In terms of texture, they feel soft, yet this shouldn’t be misconstrued for structural weakness, as these are strong as leather jackets can be, with lots of bodily protection. The relative light weight, attributable to them being buffalo leather jackets, means that they are not too uncomfortable to wear during the hotter days.