Womens Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets as Style Statements

Motorcycle jackets are increasingly being used to make loud style statements. This trend is fascinating, for just a few decades ago, motorcycle jackets were only used for purposes of protecting safety-conscious motorcycle riders. Today, motorcycle jackets are everywhere on the streets, and most of the people who wear them are people keen on making loud style statements. Some of the motorcycle jackets that serve that role well include:

Black leather motorcycle jackets with multiple zipped pockets

These are motorcycle jackets that send out the message that the wearer is a casual and approachable, fun-loving individual. The multiple pockets in question here will be distributed in such a manner that you have two on the top front part, two on the sides and perhaps even some on the ‘arms’ of the jackets. The casual appearance of the jackets is based on the presence of all those many pockets, most of which serve no practical purpose other than that of making the leather motorcycle jackets look stylish. Long ago, you’d have to look far and wide, to find womens motorcycle jackets with these multiple zipped pockets. Today though, we have some specifically designed black leather motorcycle jackets for women with multiple pockets, whereas others are versatile, in that they are designed to be worn by either male riders or women.

Branded motorcycle jackets

These are motorcycle jackets onto which the brand names are imprinted, either in front or at the back. Where the brand names in question happen to be those that are regarded as stylish brands, it follows that the motorcycle jackets onto which they are printed send obvious style statements. In some cases, it is not the full names of the brands that are printed, but rather, logos that people know and automatically associate with the big, popular apparel brands.

Brown leather motorcycle jackets with huge golden zippers

The style statements sent through the brown leather motorcycle jackets with huge golden zippers is to the effect that the wearers are indulgent and unapologetically flamboyant. The golden zippers make the wearers of the motorcycle jackets easy to pick from crowds. They also make the wearers attractive to those who subscribe to the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ philosophy.

Belted motorcycle jackets with off-center zippers

These are, at the moment, amongst the highly sought-after and trendy street fashion womens motorcycle jackets. The belts, at the bottom of the jackets, add a touch of feminineness to the otherwise masculine jackets, while the off-center zippers draw attention to the wearers’ upper bodies.

Motorcycle jackets made out of vintage leather

These are the motorcycle jackets worn by people who want to make style statements to the effect that they are highly sophisticated. Interestingly, vintage leather has only been used in making motorcycle jackets in recent days. Motorcycle jackets made out of such vintage leather are, nonetheless, devastatingly stylish.

Black motorcycle jackets with prominent red zippers

In these jackets, it is not just the zipper hardware pieces that are red, but also the pieces of cloth that house the zips. These jackets have been used to make style statements to the effect that the wearers are ‘hot’ especially when the jackets with prominent red zippers are worn with leather shorts, shiny leather miniskirts or extremely tight denims for ladies. Most of these are primarily womens motorcycle jackets, though some vendors also sell black motorcycle jackets with the said prominent red zippers for men.