Womens Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The leather wardrobe for biker- style with grace

As a rider, the clothes you wear are influenced by the bike you drive, especially if you ride every day. Comfort and fit become more important than looking good, stylish or trendy. Most bikers don’t care about fashion and all. After all biking is for the elite and it is a niche industry. There may be competition and butting heads within the industry for the latest protective gear, bike, saddlebag or anything bike related. The advantage of owning a bike and the attire it comes with is that it can be passed off as stylish and classy.

Women are underrated in the riding industry. Not a lot of motorcycle apparel manufacturers cater for the female figure. The signature biker jacket is advertised by a male model. The women’s leather motorcycle jackets are few and far in between. So for a female rider who is conscious about looking good on the bike can find it difficult or tricky to pull this off in a men’s jacket. This is because riding a bike is seen as not very lady-like or feminine.

Famous biker apparel manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Ducatihave a range that is made for women. These can be expensive due to the fact that they are made by brands that know biker apparel. Not everyone is able to afford the exclusive range. Harley-Davidson and Ducati aren’t the only ones that have accommodated women in making women’s leather motorcycle jackets. Online store leather4sure.com features quite a lot of authentic leather jackets fit for women. They have a few designs that pass off as trendy and fashionable. Designers they have in stock are:

The Plus Size Motorcycle Jacket

This ladies motorcycle jacket creates a lovely silhouette of the female upper body. It has a side zipper that gives it style and is sure to make you fashionable as you ride the highways and byways. It has perforated leather on the front and back to let the breeze in during warmer days. It is a simple yet elegant design for any occasion.

White Motorcycle Jacket

White color in biker jackets is quite new and with unique design elements like floral and skulls, its a scarce in motorcycle apparel. And that is white. The jacket will make you stand out on the bike and in the motorcycle biker country club. It has a pointed collar that snaps and this protects the neck from the wind.

The Multicolored pattern Motorcycle Jacket

The new trend to make biker jackets more lively is the introduction of multicolored pattern biker jacket. Lined with shearling, it ensures pure comfort ability when riding. Like most leather jackets it inhabits the asymmetrical zipper to cover the chest. The collar is lined with fur and it is convertible to allow you to style it up or down on cold days.

The cropped Motorcycle Jacket

The cropped motorcycle jacket gives off a men’s appeal that is sassy and sensual for the female figure. It has a belt buckle collar that is smart and neat. The shoulders come with quilted detail on the front and back. The zip isn’t asymmetrical but full-fronted.

With these gorgeous and beautiful women’s leather motorcycle jackets you can look graceful and stylish riding anywhere in the country. Since the elite companies have paid attention to female riders. The lesser brands will be following suit. Women shouldn’t lose heart as it will take time to happen. Mixing style with protection will become the norm for riders worldwide.