Winter Motorcycle Jacket

The new jackets trends popular among bikers this season

No motorcycle rider will like to ride their machine down the road without a proper jacket; especially when the autumn and winter seasons approach. The good news is that every year comes with new trendy designs of winter motorcycle jacket that will likely find a bearer worthy of them. From traditional and never outdated styles to modern and sophisticated ones, male riders will likely find a matching jacket for their favorite outfit. Moreover, this winter motorcycle jacket will certainly not let their bearers pass unnoticed down the road. They will catch the eyes of all the people around them. This season brings many plain color jackets, as well as stripped ones. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Stripes come in different colors and patterns for this coming season. When it comes to their presence in leather jackets, they only cover a small portion of the jacket, but it is a key spot in the jacket that promises to enhance the look of its bearer. One of the most popular jackets is the colored ones. One design which stands out is the white jacket that comes with a pair of black stripes that go from the jacket’s round collar down its long sleeves. The jacket has a front zipped closure, surrounded by a tilted pocket on each side at the chest level. The leather used for this jacket is one hundred percent genuine and it comes with a quilted lining inside, which promises to keep the rider warm and protect him against the most threatening winds. If the two pockets in the front are not enough, the jacket also has another pair of pockets inside. Also, the jacket can be found in other colors such as blue, black, and yellow, and they also come with a contrasting stripped pattern along the sleeves.

There are also jackets like the Tag Heuer, that come with vertical tricolored stripes that contrast the overall color of the jacket. The Tag Heuer one comes with a polyester inner lining and a collar that is snap closured. The jacket’s front is fully zippered and it is surrounded by Heuer’s logo on one side, and three stripes on the other. The stripes that contrast the black jacket are blue, white, and red, but the jacket can also be a different color other than black. The exterior of the jacket is glossy and attractive, and it promises to protect the rider from both, things as small as dusk, and things as threatening as storms as well.

Although stripes are a very popular adornment feature for the season, riders can also enjoy plain colored jackets if they wish. Stripped Jackets are popular as well and they are as trendy as their stripped counter parts. Instead of drawing attention to the jacket by the use of stripes, these jackets become noticeable for their many pockets and strings all around. Some times these decorations are present around the sleeves, and sometimes they are around the thorax area. One thing is for sure; these jackets will be anything but unnoticeable. They are here to protect their bearers from bad weather, and to provide them with nice looks.

This winter motorcycle jacket is anything but ordinary. They will surely meet the needs and wants of different riders who want to hit the road despite the weather circumstances.