Vintage Motorcycle Jacket

Vintage motorcycle gear - what's new for biker this winter

For those riders who seek to stay fashionable without having to conform to the extravagance and complexity of modern styles, a vintage motorcycle jacket is their best bet. Luckily, there is a decent amount of vintage jackets available this season. The options vary from Harly Davidson classic styles, to nostalgic apparel worn by famous stars in blockbuster films. The best of all is that the jackets are available for both, men and women alike. The years have passed, and these jackets are still popular and trending.

Among the most popular vintage jackets, is the bomber leather jackets. This bulky, stylish piece of apparel is crafted in a way that keeps riders warm and comfortable while enhancing their look on the road. Its lower ends are elasticized and its closures are snapped. Although black is the norm for a vintage look, the jacket is also available in blue, brown, red, yellow, and white colors.

Harley Davidson also offers their own collection of vintage jackets, that include: the Juppler, the Bizley, the Antiquez, the Grace, and the Rumyez among others. Harley Davidson’s vintage jackets are characterized by two front pockets at the chest level, and sometimes, two other pockets on the lower sides of the jacket.

The necks of these jackets is round and simple, and most of them sport a simple zipped front.

Many of these leather jackets posses a soft touch of modernity by the addition of straps and other small details along the sleeves, which usually come in a different color that contrasts the overall color of the leather jacket. The most popular colors for these lather jackets range within the shades of brown, black, and blue.

One of the most popular and trendy vintage jackets for men is the one worn by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie 'The Aviator': The Howard Hughes Leather Jacket. This one keeps a vintage look with multiple of elements of modern fashion. It goes well with a white casual shirt underneath and it is certainly a good addition to a trendy casual look. This jacket is known for its double winged neck collar and a buttoned closure in the front. The waist band is wide, and it marks the end of the button down closure line with two fashionable buttons. This jacket originally became famous in brown, but it is also available in other colors such as black and blue.

On the other hand, there are also vintage options for women, known for their 70s look. These jackets are known for their wide and pointy collars, and their angled zippers. To achieve a successful vintage look, these jackets are available in beige, brown and red colors. They sport side pockets closed by discrete zippers. The sleeves of such jackets are long, but many of these jackets also feature a button at the elbow level that allows the sleeves to be rolled up.

It is then safe to say that motorcycle riders will have a wide display of options that will allow them to wear a fashion item that is not either too modern, or too outdated to wear on the streets and the road. With many choices available, they will surely find the perfect vintage motorcycle jacket waiting for them at the nearest leather clothing store.