Motorcycle Riding Gear

Quality Check Before Purchasing Motorcycle Riding Gear

It is critical that you carry out very thorough quality checks, before purchasing motorcycle riding gear. In the absence of such thorough quality checks, you may buy riding gear that can endanger your life, as a rider. At another level, in the absence of thorough quality checks, you may buy riding gear that looks ridiculous, from an aesthetic point of view. The worst thing here is this: if you purchase motorbike riding gear without checking its quality thoroughly, and you discover defects afterwards, you may have a hard time getting replacements. Furthermore, some of the defects you may discover are not those that would really entitle you to getting replacements: meaning that you would have to live with them. So we can only emphasize on the importance of carrying out quality checks before purchasing riding gear – whether that happens to be boots, motorbike pants, motorbike jackets, gloves or anything else.

The specific things to check, when carrying out a quality audit prior to actually purchasing any motorbike riding gear items include:

Checking for the quality of core materials

Motorbike riding gear is, for the most part, made out of leather. Leather quality is not uniform. If, for instance, the specific motorcycle riding gear item you are purchasing is a motorbike pant, you have to be sure that it is made from strong leather. If it is a motorcycle jacket that you are buying, you have to look at not just the leather, but also the material used to make the lining. Some things that don’t seem to matter should nonetheless be subjected to the pre-purchase quality audit. One example is that of zippers, with another example being that of buttons.

Checking for quality of manufacturing workmanship

If, for instance, you are purchasing a motorcycle jacket, you need to satisfy yourself that it is well sewn. Telling good seams from bad seams is not easy, but it is worthwhile because if you buy a motorcycle jacket or a motorcycle pant whose seams are of low quality, it won’t last (and that is for sure). The proportionality of the parts in the motorcycle riding gear you are buying matters: unless, for instance, you are buying the motorcycle jackets that are deliberately made to be asymmetrical. The designs matters too, because picking the wrong designs could make you come across as a ridiculous clownish figure. To avoid that, you need to know what the trending designs for motorbike riding gear are, and buy reasonably attractive items.

Checking for color defects

One quality defect that we see in motorbike riding gear (and which many people are really blind to) is the one referred to as color defect. Here, your focus is one seeing how well dyed the motorbike gear item you are buying are. If you buy motorbike gear items with major color defects, they may start looking old or start looking inherently dirty within no time and by then it would be too late for you, because you’d already have worn the garments.

Checking for general sturdiness

Motorbike riding gear (whether in the form of motorcycle jackets, pants, vests or gloves) is supposed to be extremely sturdy. Only then can it endure the rigors of riding, and protect optimally in the event of an accident. Even if you are buying motorbike riding gear with no intention of actually wearing it when riding a motorbike, you should still check it for sturdiness. That is because anything marketed as motorbike riding gear that is not sturdy is likely to be of dubious genuineness.