Motorcycle Jackets

Latest Styles in Motorcycle Jackets in Fall-Winter Collection

As motorcycle jackets become ever more popular in fashion circles, we are seeing new styles every season. Indeed, the makers and sellers of motorbike jackets are nowadays launching ‘collections’ for every season. This fall-winter season has a similar collection, and we will be looking at the latest styles in it.

The latest styles in motorbike jackets during this year’s fall-winter collection include:

Incorporation of parkas that are designed to serve as motorbike jackets

People have, for years, yearned to have parkas that are designed (from a functional point of view) to serve as motorcycle jackets. In this fall-winter collection, we are seeing such parkas. As with many other motorbike jackets, the parkas in question have their outer body made using leather, but with fur trims to ensure utmost comfort for the wearers. This is surely an ideal inclusion in the fall-winter collection, for the parkas in question are designed to keep the cold out, whilst keeping the wearer looking great. The fur trim has the effect of making the parkas look sophisticated, besides being very effective at keeping the biting cold out.

New motorbike jackets designed to go with denim pants

In days gone by, people have struggled to find motorbike jackets that can go with denim pants: notwithstanding the fact that many people regard denims as being the most ideal outfits for riding purposes. Designers are increasingly dealing with this need; by coming up with motorbike jackets that specifically go well with denim pants. These, for the most part, are rugged (but classy-looking) motorcycle jackets that complement the rugged denim pants that most people prefer to wear when riding.

Textured leather motorbike jacket

These have been brought into the market in the latest fall-winter collections to cater for the lower end of the market. Many of these outfits are turning out to be rather well designed. This is new, for previously, we have had a scenario where all faux leather motorbike jackets would be less than impressively designed. The designers are coming to realize that the lower end of the market also cares about the looks.

So good is the design in some of these faux leather motorbike jackets that we are seeing them being bought even by folks who could afford real leather motorbike jackets. Some cut the image of ‘luxury jackets’ and they are so well polished that it takes a very close inspection to realize that they are made out of faux leather.

Bull grain leather motorbike jackets

These have made a grand entry into the latest fall-winter collections of motorbike jackets. Their greatest allure is in the fact that bull grain leather protects against abrasion in an optimal way. There is also an aesthetic aspect to the appeal of bull grain leather motorbike jackets though: given the fact that, when inspected closely, bull grain leather always looks great. Furthermore, there is comfort in the fact that the motorbike jackets made out of bull grain leather are likely to age slowly.

Motorbike jackets with sleeve caps

Motorbike jackets with sleeve caps are not entirely new, but they have become rather prominent in the latest fall-winter motorcycle jacket collections. This is because people are finding the sleeve caps attractive, in terms of the sophistication they add to the design -- and that is on top of the functional (protective) role served by the sleeve caps.