Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear – Whats New This Season

Fashion considerations have come to be important in the selection of motorcycle gear. It is no longer enough that motorcycle riding attire, which includes motorcycle jackets and riding pants, serves its functional role well. It also has to look good. The fashion industry has been responding to that need, and each season, we see new trends in motorcycle riding attire. We will take this current season as an example, and look at what is new in the motorcycle riding outfits scene. That includes:

Motorcycle jackets with off-center zippers

This is a relatively new addition to the motorcycle gear family, as previously, a jacket had to have a center-zipper to be regarded as being a proper biker jacket. The motorcycle jackets with off-center zippers have, in the recent past, come to be regarded as must-have garments by biker jacket enthusiasts. The inclusion of the off-center zippers in question here forces the designers to alter the overall design of the jackets: so these are not just jackets with zippers in unique positions. The motorcycle jackets with off-center zippers in question are, of course, mostly made out of leather. Like most other biker-wear items, they are not just for riding, but they can be incorporated as day to day fashion items.

Motorbike jackets with sleeve zippers

This is a new trend, as previously, the only zipper on typical motorbike jackets would be the main one. The new sleeve zippers mainly serve a functional role, of minimizing the flutter caused by wind, thus increasing the wearer’s comfort. It is mostly in high-end leather motorbike jackets that we are seeing these sleeve zippers.

Moto jackets with elaborate prints

It used to be some sort of unwritten (and illogical) rule that moto jackets had to be plain, even dull. The only way to lighten them up would be by using a bright color, but for some reason, elaborate prints on moto jackets were viewed as a no-no. This season though, we are seeing an upsurge in moto jackets with elaborate prints and they look amazing, especially when they happen to have off-center zippers. The elaborate prints in question here can be plant prints, city prints… anything that looks good on a biker jacket.

Biker pants with contrasting biker jackets

For many years, we have been boxed into thinking that the only way to make a pair of biker pants look good is by wearing it with a closely matching biker jacket. The motorcycle gear fashion scene however seems to be out to challenge this long-held sentiment. We are seeing people opting for biker pants that contrast with the biker jackets they wear (like where white biker pants are worn with black biker jackets). The contrasting look is often turning out to be more alluring than the matching look.

Checked biker pants and jackets

This season, for the first time in most parts of the world, we are seeing checked biker pants and jackets. The checked biker pants and jackets are turning out to be very classy. Contrary to what one may imagine, many of the checked biker pants and jackets are made out of leather, with the ‘checking’ scheme being achieved through the use of color. So clever is the use of color in some of these outfits that it gives an illusion that the outfits are made using woven fabrics - only for them to turn out to be leather jackets and pants, upon being subjected to closer inspection.