Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle Clothing – Safety Always a Priority, But Style Counts Too

Motorcycle clothing is mainly designed with safety in mind – that is, to ensure the safety of the wearer when riding. So that is the main priority. Over the years though, the appearance of motorbike clothing has come to matter a great deal as well, as there is consensus that motorbike clothing has to be stylish. This has resulted in a situation where motorbike clothing has grabbed the attention of fashion designers. Consequently, nowadays, motorbike clothing is subject to the same fashion cycles as other types of clothing. The trends we are seeing, in the safety-stylishness paradigm include:

The scheme where motorbike clothing is becoming ever more colorful

This is as a direct consequence of agreement to the fact that besides ensuring the wearer’s (rider’s) safety, motorcycle clothing has to be stylish. Now one thing that defines stylishness is color, and we are seeing motorbike clothing getting more colorful as the years progress. When safety and functionality were the only things that mattered in motorbike clothing, the colors tended to be conservative, and dull for the most part. Now that stylishness has become important in these outfits, we are seeing some in outrageous color schemes.

This particular trend is interesting, especially when seen alongside the fact that the materials used to make motorcycle gear have more or less remained the same: with, say, most motorcycle jackets being leather jackets.

The scenario where motorbike clothing is turning into street-wear

In most of the stores where motorcycle gear is sold, you realize that most of the people buying such gear aren’t riders. Further enquiry reveals that, over time, motorcycle clothing has morphed into street wear: which people wear to look stylish when out in the streets, as opposed to when riding. Aware that most of the prospective buyers will be in the category that buys motorcycle gear to wear it on the streets, the designers are motivated to make it as stylish as they possibly can.

The situation where safety features in motorbike clothing are optimized for stylishness

A good example of a safety feature in a motorcycle gear item that has been optimized for stylishness is the sleeve cap. Many people seeing a sleeve cap on a motorcycle jacket will be inclined to imagine that it is some sort of a fancy design feature.

The truth turns out to be that the sleeve cap is actually a safety feature, but one which is tapped into for enhanced stylishness by, say, making it more prominent.

The scheme where motorbike clothing is designed to match with other specific outfits

Before stylishness was recognized as an important thing in motorbike clothing, the designers of such clothing never had to worry about what the outfits they made would be worn with. Nowadays, the situation is different, and pretty much every motorcycle gear item coming out of the production lines is designed to match with a given outfit. You encounter, for instance, motorcycle gear jackets that match with denims, others that match with leather pants, others that match with specific boots… and so on.

The scheme where new motorbike clothing designs are coming out every season

This is a direct consequence of the motorcycle gear having attracted the attention of the fashion designers. It has subjected the motorcycle gear items to the same dynamics as other fashion items. You have new designs not just for each year, but also for each season. Thus, for instance, the motorcycle gear items in last year’s fall-winter collection are different from the motorcycle gear items in this year’s summer collection.