Motorbike Jackets

Multifunctional leather jacket for seasoned bikers- whats new.

Multifunctional clothing is hard to come by. Especially clothing that is weather appropriate and doubles as a shield for riding a bike at high speeds. There are a lot of jackets in the market that are suitable for bikers and those that aren’t. For instance, the recent biker jackets worn by everyone do nothing for a rider.

An original motorbike jackets have fitted armour and padding all around. Its main function is to safeguard the biker’s upper body from harm or injury during an accident or impact. As the riding industry grows and matures. The apparel and functioning of it should too. There are a few jackets that offer different functions.

Most jackets come with vents and they help in keeping the rider cool when he is driving long distances or is always on the road. There are a few motorbike jackets on the market that serve a multifunctional purpose. Just as biker apparel is pricy, a multifunctional leather jacket doesn’t come cheap either.

One of the globes oldest and leading biker brands, Ducati, has a designed a technologically savvy jacket. The Ducati D Air motorbike jackets are fitted with airbags. The airbags are activated during an accident. The jacket is still fairly new. It was unveiled alongside the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring. The beauty of the jacket comes in conjunction with the bike. The bike is wirelessly connected to the connected. The two works together to protect the rider for any impact he or she might face.

Ducati has designed two different kinds of jackets for racing and for the street. The jacket for the streets jacket covers majority of the upper body, the neck, back, and shoulders. The jacket comes in red and black hinting at speed and the thrill of the ride for all who wear it.

Harley-Davidson is also a notable biker brand. Most riders who start out always want to end up owning a Harley. The American manufacturer has been around for over a century making signature motorcycles and motorcycling gear. Some Harley-Davidson motorbike jackets are multifunctional in that they are waterproof and have a detachable fleece liner for hot summer rides. The Miss Enthusiast 3-in-1 leather jacket is one such jacket. You can unzip the vents to let the breeze in. It is also tailored with body armour to protect the crucial pressure points.

There are a lot of other multifunctional jackets in the market. They come with zips and pockets all over the place. Most compartments aren’t visible to the naked eye. You have to actually sit down and inspect the jacket patiently. Both Ducati and Harley-Davidson have apparel that caters for women.

Wearing a multifunctional item is cheaper than buying a jacket or apparel that is suited for each and every season. A veteran motorcycle driver will know that getting the ride attire for riding can be costly but it is worth it because it is unknown when the gear will come in handy. When shopping for the best seasoned biker jacket going with a brand like Ducati or Harley-Davidson is your best bet for the long run. Since they have been around for eons you can be sure that the product is legit and it has taken a long time for them to perfect the art of riding and designing biker apparel.