Leather Biker Jacket

What’s biker wearing this season - Leather trends

At times as a biker you might find yourself wanting to fit in in certain social settings. It is not like you can go around lugging your bike everywhere. Biker wear is an elite product made for motorcyclists everywhere. Built for safety and versatility leather biker jackets are meant to fit right and hinder any unforeseen impact on the road. Bikers have a multitude of leather biker jackets available to them. Jackets made by Roland Sans Ronin, Vanson, Alpinestars and Vulcan are just a few of the brands that riders can choose. The Harley-Davidsons and Ducati jackets are still popular but they are unaffordable for most people on a budget.

These are the new and eminent leather biker jackets made to keep the rider in style and protected from all harm. The jackets where released a few months ago.

  • The ICON 1000 Beltway

This heavily protective jacket reflects the classic jacket in a sharp and unique to the ICON taste. It has a long waist and this outlines the body comfortably. Built for the male body it is made of a deep black with white trimmings on the sides of the shoulder and the left breast side. It doesn’t exactly pass for a stylish jacket but you can be assured that your will be fully geared and protected from any natural and unnatural elements. ICON is famous for putting protection first and foremost for their product. This done through their CE-certified D3O impact shields that cover the back, shoulder and elbow.

  • The Pagnol M1 jacket

This jacket has just arrived and it has gained the attention of motorcyclists. The jacket forms part of designer and innovator of the jacket, Paulo Rosas’ fresh motorcycle apparel. Made of 100% genuine leather it has padding that is shock-absorbent on the shoulders, he has conveniently added a netted liner for the biker to add their own armour if they want to. Rosas’ jacket is highlighted by the coziness of the fit and how appropriate it looks for any social setting, formal or casual. The jacket is available in two colours, black and tobacco.

  • REV’IT! Hillcrest

Reasonably priced and affordable at $260 the REV’IT leather jacket is commonly known and loved for its stylish appeal it has a lining made of mesh to keep you well-ventilated during hot summer months. The jacket has stood out from the crowd by making blue and titanium coloured leather jackets. They also have the standard black jacket for sale.

  • Deus x Dainese Leather Riding Jacket

Unique for being the first custom design jacket in the biking industry. The leather jacket takes it a little bit further by adding lining that is quilted on the inside. The wind of the road will have no chance to creep on me because it has a chest closure and sleeve openings that are zipped.

Leather biker jackets for motorcyclists are made for safety more than they are for style. The latest jacket with all the trimmings including safety and comfort is what every biker is wearing. The leather jacket doesn’t have to be a made by an expensive designer or exclusive biker brand like, Ducati or Harley-Davidson. There are a lot of leather jackets being sold that are practical and cozy. That may even fit better than a designer biker leather jacket. These jackets can be cheap and affordable. They are available in various retail or departmental stores.