Blue Bomber Jacket

The Aviator Jacket - Fashion Review of this winter

Leather jackets are the talk of every town these days. Owing to their evergreen nature and durability, these jackets are the hot favorite of people of all ages and backgrounds. Especially now when winter is just around the corner, everyone is looking forward to the ultimate variety of the leather jackets being presented in the market. Well! The wide range of variety of the leather jackets sometimes makes the buying decision tough as you cannot distinguish the pure leather from the imitation one. However, whatever material you like, leather of all types satisfies the customers when it comes to protection from cold and making your style statement owing to the quality processing and finishing.

One of the most wanted styles of leather jackets this winter is the Blue bomber jacket. Yes! You may also identify the jacket with other names like military jacket, bomber jacket, pilot jacket or flight jacket. This type of jacket was designed just out of necessity back in the World War 1 as the pilots had to fly the fighter jets in the open cockpits, so they needed to have proper protection against the strong thrust of air. Later on, the jacket made its mark in the fashion industry and now it is used in the daily life also.

The Blue bomber jacket comes in various designs as some jackets come with the fur collars extending down till the midrib area, fully covering your chest area, as the basic purpose of the jacket is to protect you from the extreme cold weather.

The hot favorite of this season is the one with big extended collar which covers whole of your shoulders. However, there are some designers who do not use fur on collar; instead they simply give a furry border on the cuffs.

The normal length of a bomber jacket is just above the hip or you can take it as the waist length. This is to ensure that the jacket does not hamper your movement and still looks good on you. The most preferred colors of this winter included black, brown, beige, creamy white and mustard.

If you want to have a plus size, you need not to worry as there are some plus size designs also these days. This is to ensure that there is something for everyone as the personal choices and preferences may vary drastically. The flight jackets, these days are mainly made from the original sheep skin which is much warmer in itself and the due processing makes it even warmer to wear, hence making it best suited to use in winter.

The most commonly used style of a bomber jackets this year is the studded one. Yes! you may find your favorite blue bomber jacket with studs as an embellishment. Since now the aviator jacket is a lot more than just a military jacket, the designers have modified the designs so as to meet the everyday needs and demands of the customers.

There is another unique style of bomber jacket this year. Yes! This is about the painted jackets. Besides other styles of the jackets, the aviator jackets also come in the painted patterns on the back of the jacket. Some also signify on the front sides, but mostly, it is the back side which presents the poster of some Hollywood star or a cartoon character.