Biker Jacket

Colorful Patterns With New Comforts – The New Biker Jackets

Biker jackets, which are also referred to as motorcycle jackets have for long been available in a very limited range of colors. You could venture into a motorcycle gear shop, only to find that all the motorcycle jackets available were black. You could venture into another motorcycle gear shop, only to find that all the motorbike jackets available were brown. If you were lucky enough to get a few other colors, you would almost be assured that the jackets would have no patterns on them. That, however, is changing: as we see new motorbike jackets that come with colorful patterns. Examples of these include:

Motorbike jackets with checked patterns

Some of these are white motorbike jackets, with black lines going up and down and others going from side to side, to create the checked patterns. Others are black, with white lines making the checked patterns. Those two are just among the popular examples, for we have biker jackets in other colors, with the checked pattern schemes in different colors.

The checked motorbike jackets in question here are good for use as street fashion items, though there are still some active riders who wear checked motorbike jackets. The checked patterns get rid of the ‘color monotony’ that was previously associated with motorcycle jackets.

Motorbike jackets with pictorial patterns

These are amongst the most fashionable motorbike jackets at the moment. The pictorial patterns on these motorbike jackets can be of anything, from flowers to animals and all other items we would expect in garment prints. Now there are some people who have problems with seeing jackets that come with these prints as being proper motorbike jackets. Yet to the extent that they are made from the materials that are used in making motorbike jackets (mainly leather), and to the extent as they are designed as real motorbike jackets, there is nothing to disqualify them.

Motorbike jackets with stripe patterns

These are still new in the market, and still gaining acceptance. They, however, look amazing especially in cases where the stripes are of colors that coordinate well with the jacket’s basic colors.

Many traditionalists, especially those who still regard biker jackets as products for motorcyclists have problems accepting the likes of the motorbike jackets with stripes we are making reference to. Still, it has to be understood that motorcycle jackets stopped being special niche products for motorcyclists the moment they were admitted into mainstream fashion.

Motorbike jackets with mixed patterns

These are crazy-looking motorbike jackets that are coming out of fashion houses with, say, a mixture of checked patterns, stripe patterns and pictorial patterns. The result here is that of motorbike leather jackets that look ‘artistic’. These particular jackets match well with those t-shirts that are very popular with teenagers, which tend to have a mixture of patterns on them. People who are conservative, fashion-wise, would find these jackets hard to wear. People who are adventurous fashion-wise will, however, find these jackets amazing, especially when going out for parties and other social occasions of that nature.

Motorbike jackets whose sections differ in color

These are jackets on which, for instance, you may find the upper section being black, while the middle section is red, with the lower section being brown. The result is an exciting pattern, which gives comfort to folks who would struggle with wearing the classic monochrome motorbike jackets.