Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Jackets – the Latest Styles and Safety Features

For people who actually ride motorbikes, safety features are just as important as stylishness when it comes to selecting motorcycle jackets. Thus, for those people, the armored motorcycle jacket is that which is outstanding, in style and in safety features. When you bring in the element of safety features to motorcycle jacket shopping, the undertaking becomes a bit more complex than if you were making style and fashion considerations in isolation. At the end of the day though, that is right way to choose motorcycle jackets if you are an actual rider: by looking at the stylishness-safety features matrix. In that respect, the latest styles and safety features for motorcycle jackets include:

Real leather motorcycle jackets with padded sleeve caps

In these pragmatically designed motorcycle jackets, the stylishness is on account of the real leather that the outfits are fashioned out of. The enhanced safety is on account of the padded sleeve caps. In a world where designers are known to use small patches to make all sorts of fashion statements it is easy to assume that the padded sleeve caps are for styling purposes.

The true position, however, is that the padded sleeve caps in these jackets are primarily for safety purposes. The sleeve caps are put there out of appreciation for the fact that when motorcycle accident impact occurs, it is the joints joining the arms to the trunks that normally get messed up. So the padded sleeve caps protect against extreme impact to those joints.

Suede leather motorcycle jackets with shoulder protection

In these very popular biker jackets, stylishness is as a result of the suede leather used to fashion the outfits’ exterior. Suede leather always possesses that tasteful look which is hard to get in other materials, or even other classes of leather. The fact that most motorcycle accident orthopedic injuries are actually in the category of shoulder injuries is what creates the need for shoulder protection in these jackets. The shoulder protection, typically in the form of foam and plastic, absorbs the force of impact, in case of a motorcycle riding mishap.

Shiny black leather motorcycle jackets with elbow guards

The alluring shiny black leather look is what earns this jacket points for stylishness. The elbow guards, designed to ensure that one doesn’t get a dislodged elbow in the event of an accident is what, on the other hand, earns the jacket points for safety.

This is the armored motorcycle jacket for low budget buyers who can’t afford other safety features – because the difference between motorcycle jackets with elbow guards and those that don’t have such guards is extremely small.

Cowhide leather motorcycle jackets with back protection

Being genuine cowhide leather motorcycle jackets, these outfits can be described with endearing adjectives such as elegant, stylish, classy, sophisticated… and so on. This is also the armored motorcycle jacket in as far as safety goes: because back protection is often viewed as the ultimate protection. Typically, a motorcycle jacket with back protection (in the form of impact absorbing foam) will tend to have the other safety features as well.

Windproof cropped leather motorcycle jackets

The cropped leather used in making these jackets is what accounts for their stylishness points. On the other hand, these jackets earn safety points on account of their windproof features. The good thing with windproof jackets is that the windproof feature doesn’t just help in the event of a mishap. Rather, this feature protects the rider from the harmful impact of wind to the chest, on ordinary day to day riding expeditions.