Leather Skirt

The Perfect Leather Skirt – Latest Styles This Summer

Leather skirts are among the few clothing items that are always in fashion. Depending on how they are designed, they can be worn during the warmer seasons (such as summer) as well as during the colder seasons (such as fall). As far as the summer grinds on, the leather skirt tends to be a common sight during the last days - as people make the transition from the warmer summer days to the colder fall days. The trend, in the recent years, has been one where we see new leather-based skirt styles each fall, winter and summer. Accordingly, as the summer season goes on, the latest leather-based skirt styles are getting flaunted on the streets, and they include:

Long skirts made out of leather with long (knee-height) slits

It used to be a widely held view that if a leather skirt was to be worn during the summer, then it had to be short. In the latest collections though, we are coming across lots of skirts made out of leather that are not short. They are long stylish skirts (reaching right up to the ankles), but with long slits which ensure that they are still reasonably comfortable during the warm summer days.

Shorter skirts made out of leather with frills

One trick that seems to have eluded designers for many years is that of getting frills onto leather skirts. They seem, however, to have finally hacked it, and in the latest summer collections, we are indeed seeing shorter skirts that are made out of leather with luxurious frills. To be sure, the frills in these skirts are not as elaborate as those in the skirts that are made out of fabrics, but they still look fantastic.

Medium length skirts made out of leather with long golden zippers

These skirts are increasingly showing up this summer, and they are good for people who don’t fear attraction lots of attention because, for sure, these particular designer skirts are attention-grabbing. People who don’t want to be too conspicuous can still wear these, but then they have to tone them down with, say, simple grey tee-shirts. To tone down further, some people are opting for ordinary silver zippers, as opposed to the golden zippers. To be clear, the zippers in question here are slightly off-center, and in front of the skirts.

Quilted leather-based skirts

These have proved to be a hit this summer, which is surprising seeing that for many years, quilted leather has tended to be in the fall-winter collection, rather than the summer collection. What has become clear though, is the fact that the quilted leather can be paneled, and that is a process which culminates in it being appropriate for wearing during the summer.

Short, red leather-based skirts made to go with high heels

These are increasingly popular this summer season for ladies who want that sensuous look. Worn with confidence, the short red leather skirt can be outstanding, especially when combined with a pink top (or a top of another similar color). These, however, are skirts that need a lot of confidence to wear, as they are sure to attract so much attention.

Navel high leather-based skirts with front pockets

The high leather-based skirts in question here are those that go above the waistline (to the navel-level). They seem to be best worn with shorter tops, so that the pockets are not obscured. We are seeing more and more of the skirts rendered in this style as the summer wears on, and as the transition towards fall starts.