Leather Mini Skirt

Leather Mini Skirts Styles You Should Own

Leather miniskirts are in the category of outfits that always look good. A leather mini skirt, for one, always has a sensuous look, and depending on how it is designed and what it is worn with, it can also look classy. Given those facts, it follows that leather miniskirts (at least a few of them) are some of the outfits you should have in your wardrobe, if you are a fashion-conscious lady. At the very least, there are several leather miniskirts styles you should strive to own, and we will be proceeding to look at those.

The leather miniskirts styles you should own include:

Shiny black leather miniskirts with long silver front zippers

These, when worn with appropriate tops and jackets, can make you come across as an interesting, fun-loving lady. The trick is to ensure that the shiny black leather miniskirt is not too short: just short enough to be a mini, but not so short as to have a situation where the first thing that is noticed about is its shortness. You have to remember that the idea is to come across as a fun loving girl, but as some sort of a hooker. There are two things that are outstanding with the look you acquire through the shiny black leather mini skirt with a long silver front zipper. The first outstanding thing here is the shininess, with the second outstanding thing being the zipper (as the zipper focuses attention on the outfit).

Slightly tight black leather miniskirts

This is the miniskirt that will give you the ultimate sensuous look. The trick is to ensure that the miniskirt is not too tight. Then you need to compensate for the tightness with a little extra length: so that it is on the borderline between being a miniskirt and an ordinary, medium size skirt. By being a miniskirt, and one that is slightly tight, it attracts enough attention: so don’t go the extra mile of getting a very loud color. Black or brown should suffice, though can you be daring and go for something like green as well.

Brown leather miniskirts with full-length double seams on the front side

The double seams have the effect of drawing attention to the miniskirt. They work in the same way as the long shiny zipper we looked at earlier, only that the double seams are not so loud in attracting attention. The brown leather miniskirt can be worn with a red top and an appropriately colored jacket (ideally a masculine fit jacket) and the look will be just outstanding.

To complete this look, you have to get the shoe choice right: and in that regard, all that matters is the color - for the shoes to go with this skirt can either be high-heeled or flat.

Quilted black leather miniskirts

These make for ideal weekend-wear, like when worn with pink t-shirts, blue t-shirts or something else like that. You have to get the choice of a jacket to go with the quilted black leather mini skirt right though: and this could be something like a shiny black leather jacket or a checked-blue woolen jacket.

Loose fitting leather miniskirts

You need to have several of these, and the advantage with them is in their versatility, as they can go with pretty much any top and pretty much any jacket. Also attractive with loose fitting leather miniskirts is the fact that they go well with sweaters. That is like where you can get a black loose fitting leather miniskirt to go with a somewhat tight blue sweater.