Black Leather Skirt

The Top trends for fashion conscious this season 

Dress up your style and taste in a gorgeous black leather skirt. Leather is what everyone is raving about. “It’s in,” says a female shopper. Whether real or not. If you’re not wearing leather consider yourself not trending.

Rita Ora and Jennifer Aniston are a few of the public figures that have fallen head over heels with the garment. They have been snapped wearing the skirt in different ways on the streets. The leather garment, other than the classic and timeless leather jacket, is the piece of clothing that one should not be seen without this season. If you are a fashionista and love to know what the celebrities are wearing or what the fashion shows have unraveled for the Spring/Summer collection. Have no fear; stick around because I bring the top trends that are in season for the fashion-forward individual out there:

Quilted leather jacket

Because of its rough texture and feel, the quilted leather jacket is slowly making waves for men and women. It is a jacket that matches elegance, toughness and style perfectly. It is a jacket that overtly shows off ones fashion sense. Anyone caught wearing a quilted leather jacket is sure to turn heads on the streets and anywhere else you’re spotted. The jacket rests comfortably on the body. Creating a slim fit and hiding any unflattering body parts.

Coloured leather jacket

Most leather jackets come in black. A coloured leather jacket comes in all sorts of colours when sourced from a supplier that offers a range of colours. Female coloured leather jackets are warmer and softer than the male jacket. The women’s jacket comes in pastels (green, red, cream white), neutrals (light brown, whites, and light blues). The men’s jacket is generally dark colours this could be because a dark colour is a lot more masculine that a soft one.

Black leather skirt

Pencil, flair, high waist or mini leather skirt is a great way to make a statement. The black leather skirt can be worn in various ways at various occasions. Some black skirts come with accessories attached to them. There’s lace, studs, prints and pencil belts that come with the skirt. The skirt hasn’t reached maximum popularity as yet. Be one of the few that is seen with the black leather skirt. You can consider yourself a trendsetter when all ladies start wearing one in drones.

Leather shorts/pants

Whether it is a skinny, capris or a high waist, the leather pant has become fashion appropriate by being cut thinner to shape the body. Some leather pants fit so tightly that they can be passed as flesh. Leather shorts are slowly trending as different public figures try out the garment in different ways that are stylish and elegant. The leather pant has incorporated different pant designs to make it desirable. It comes as a gypsy pant, chino and leggings.

Leather is taking over and thanks to it being unique and agelessness. Leather doesn’t fade or lose its youthful look. It is a piece of clothing that is for the elite and the not so elite. Dressed up or down it is suitable for casual, formal or informal wear. Notable fashion designers and retailers all agree on one thing, leather is in and it is the best garment to own for any season in this century. It can be kept for a long time in a kempt state. It can even be handed down from generation to generation.