Saddle Bags

How to Choose Motorcycle Saddle Bags - The Practical Tips

You need to be very carefully when choosing saddle bags. This is because if you are not careful when choosing the saddle bags, there are several things that can go wrong. You may, for instance, end up buying saddle bags that you will be unable to use, on account of the type of motorcycle you have. You may also end up buying saddle bags that will get damaged easily, depending on their inherent nature, and depending on the type of motorcycle you will be using them on. To avoid these types of mistakes, there are some practical tips for you to use, when choosing saddle bags for motorcycles:

Consider the type of motorbike you are buying a saddle bag for

The type of motorbike you are buying a saddle bag for will determine the ideal type of saddle bag to go for. The sort of saddle bag that would be ideal for a racing motorcycle may not be ideal for a touring motorcycle. Thus, you need to have an understanding of the type of bike you are buying a motorcycle saddle bag for: and then ensure that you choose from the saddle bags made specifically for that type of motorcycle.

If you buy the wrong type of saddle bag for your motorcycle, you may not be able to use it, on account of it being unable to fit. Alternatively, while you may be able to fit the saddle bag, you may find it wearing out fast, perhaps on account of it keeping on getting into contact with the exhaust pipe.  

Consider the luggage-carrying capacity of the saddle bag

The saddle bag you buy should be one whose size is big enough to accommodate whatever you will be carrying on your motorbike, but no so large as to be a ‘drag’. When making the luggage-capacity consideration, you will be constrained by the type of motorbike you have. Remember what we said about different types of saddle bags being suited for different types of motorbikes. This means that even if you want a larger saddlebag, your motorbike type may force you to go for a smaller bag.

Go for saddle bags that are constructed in sound ways

This is a question of checking the motorbike saddle bags carefully, in order to be sure that the craftsmanship that has gone into their construction is actually sound. Some saddle bags in the market are not soundly constructed, and this means that they can’t last long. The joints on the saddle bags are particularly vulnerable to structural damage, so you need to pay attention to them when inspecting the saddle bags.

Consider the material the saddle bags are made out of

Motorbike saddle bags can either be made out of leather or fiberglass. Your choice between the two will be dictated by factors such as cost, stylishness, waterproofing capabilities and ability to withstand impact. Leather is cheaper than fiberglass. It is, however, not waterproof. Leather (generally) looks better than fiberglass. Its reaction to impact is, however, different from that of fiberglass… You need to take these facts into consideration.

Go for saddle bags whose makers give warranties

There are some makers of motorbike saddle bags who don’t give warranties. That should alarm you, because it means that those manufacturers of saddle bags don’t have much confidence in their craftsmanship. Conversely, the saddlebag makers who give warranties signal that they have more confidence in their workmanship. Therefore motorbike saddle bags that come with warranties are typically of a superior quality.