Leather Saddlebags

How saddlebags can make a style statement too

The biking industry is famous for making everything leather. From the apparel to some parts of the bike, leather is dominant is biker wear. Leather saddlebags are mainly for the bike. They are sort of like a boot for the bike. Placed at the back of the bike, they blend into the bike by sitting discreetly and neatlyon the bike.

The leather material being so dominant in the biking industry has given riding a bike a stylish and chic appeal. That is desirable to the masses. The world has fallen in love with the biker look by duplicating the leather jacket without the heavy armour attached to it. Biker wear and kits make a style statement without trying at all. When wearing biker apparel you can be sure that appearing stylish is effortless. Most biker apparel doubles as a fashion piece without actually being trendy.

The saddlebag makes up a part of biker apparel that is doesn’t protect the rider but protects the items that he travels with. Anything can be placed saddlebags. Finding a durable and strong saddlebag can be a challenge because it there are some that don’t have a structure. Proper leather saddlebags have a hard container that can be spacious and deep for the biker’s convenience.

Leather saddlebags are stylish because of the design and the accessories that they come with dress the bike up as well. Some saddlebags have chrome studs lining the bag. Others have silver buckles and they double as an accessory as well as a safety feature that keeps goods stored inside the bag inside for the length of the journey.

There are different kinds of saddlebags made for bikes. The most common are the bolt-on and throw over. Harley-Davidson has designs of leather saddlebags that have universal fitting; they are attachable to the bike. A bolt-on saddlebag is the best kind of bag you can get. It isn’t easy to dismount and they offer a firm grip at the bikes rear or sides. So when your initial saddlebag gives way you don’t have to replace an entire bike just because of the saddlebags. Harley-Davidson is a brand that prides itself in being luxurious, exclusive and prestigious.

The chrome studs speak style because studs make anything pop and eye-catching. The studs on the saddlebags do exactly that and this is what gives it the ability to have a style statement. The buckles are also made of chrome to prevent rotting and rust development overtime. The chrome studs attached to the bag are there to protect and retain the leather material more than they are for fashionable reasons. Leather saddlebags come in different shapes, designs, colours and sizes.

Saddlebags that make the loudest style statement are those that have studs on them. The saddle bag can be long or short depending on the biker’s preferences and use for them. The short saddlebag is suitable for fashion runways. It comes off as the sling bag that is casually placed over the shoulder. The sling bag is used as opposed to a hand bag to hold a few essential items like pocket tissues and lip gloss. Suitable for men and women the sling bag is a hip piece to be seen in. The bag is stylish because when repurposed it is appropriate for a day at the mall or a picnic with friends.