Bike Saddle Bags

Designer saddlebags - The perfect fashion statement

Sitting quietly and unnoticeably at the rear of the bike, bike saddle bags form part of the bike as a storage compartment. Some bags are designed with all sorts of additions and extravagance that they’ve turned into an accessory. Harley-Davidson, the leading motorcycle apparel designer has fallen into the accessory spectrum where they sell bike saddle bags that are either bolt-on or thrown over.

Thanks to the clothes, gear and bike that riding comes with, being stylish or making a loud and proud statement is easily realised through these biker themes. The bike saddle bag is one such biker theme. Some manufactured bike saddle bags pay very little attention to style and detail. It is a few producers that reckon that ‘pimping’ a saddle bag is necessary. It should be noted that some of the accessories that are added to the saddle bags are there to protect the leather material and the bag itself from scrapes and scratches during crashes or when you take a sharp turn.

The bike saddle bag is one of the items on the bike that is under appreciated. Motorcycle fans and bloggers rarely (or if at all) discuss the importance or usefulness of the saddle bag. There are different saddle bags made for different kinds of riding. has saddle bags, dry bags and tank bags. Some saddle bags are for the streets and others are for racing.

The Coyote saddle bag from has a boomerang shape to it. The great thing about it is that it has waterproof liners inside the bag that can be used during the rainy season. It isn’t exactly stylish but you can rest assured knowing that your essentials are well-protected at all times.

The Mojavi saddle bag is a lot more appealing than the Coyote bag. It is made to enhance rider endurance and comfort by shedding the load of a backpack.

Necessities can be placed in the bag. It is quite small so the necessities should be kept at a minimum. It has a slim trim fit that blends into the bike. Giant Loop saddle bags are made in the USA and they have some degree of lifetime assurance. The bags are also made with military spec materials. Their saddle bags are affordable the Mojavi bag is priced around $400 and the Coyote is a little over $300.


Lots of online shops for genuine leather goods are there and stating one sole leader when it comes to finding the best authentic leather apparel wont be correct. Whether it is for fashion or for your bike rides, the online store has it in stock for you. They have stylish saddle bags that are daring and have colour. A standard accessorised bag has chrome studs. Some of the ones on the website have strips of colour on them. They are a bit more pricy than the Giant Loop bags, they start at around $450.

Even though bike saddle bags are discreet, they are necessary to store all bike essentials. Essentials like a multi-tool that will be able to do roadside repairs, a puncture repair kit with pump and money can be placed in the saddle bag. These items are light weight and take up very little space in the saddle bag. Most saddle bags are portable yet spacious and convenient. Anything can go into a saddlebag, anything not small enough for your leather jacket inner pockets. Think of it as a boot (of a car) that looks like a purse, for your bike. It is there to make the journey enjoyable and relaxed without feeling cluttered and heavy with all the extras you’ve added on your person.