Womens Motorcycle Pants

Street Style: 5 Different Black Womens motorcycle pants Styles

Street style fashion is increasingly favoring skinny black leather pants. Not just any womens motorcycle pants are enjoying this favor, of course - but those that roughly adhere to certain specific styles. In that regard, there are some 5 different styles of skinny pants made out of leather that are increasingly getting street style fashion endorsements.

Being seen in one of the five styles of skinny leather-based pants is taken as a strong cue to show that you are ‘with it’ as far as trending street style fashion goes. Those 5 black skinny leather-based pants styles are:

Stretch leather skinny pants

Increasingly popular with ladies who want to flatter their figures, the leather pants are designed to stretch at both the levels of the legs and the hips. Often, ladies are selecting womens motorcycle pants that are several sizes smaller, in order to ensure that the stretching of the pants flatters their figures fully. That is best achieved with leather pants that are specially designed to stretch without being structurally weakened: like the ones in question here. Inside the leather shell in these pants is spandex backing, which is responsible for making the pants stretch without getting structurally weakened.

Skinny black pants with concealed seams and concealed zippers

The objective of the designers in concealing the seams and zippers is to attract as much attention as possible to the skinniness of the pants. With the zippers and seams concealed, these pants look like one-piece outfits, and the most notable thing about them ends up being the skinniness. In these particular womens motorcycle pants, the concealed zippers may be of the front-side variety or the variety that runs along the sides of the pants.

Whether a ‘front-side zipper’ or an ‘alongside-zipper’, it is concealed and so are the seams.

Skinny black pants with visible ankle zips

These are, in a way of speaking, ‘convertible’ skinny pants: because by undoing the long ankle zips, it becomes possible to make them look less skinny. Conversely, when the ankle zips are fastened, the skinny nature of the pants accentuates itself.

The skinny black pants with ankle zips are often made out of shiny lambskin leather, though ordinary suede cowhide pants are also common here. In some of the skinny lambskin black pants, there is actually no lining: as the smooth lambskin serves as its own lining (due to its smooth nature). Thus, through these pants, it becomes clear that skinny leather-based pants don’t have to be lined, as many of us have always believed.

Skinny black pants with zipped front and side pockets

The most notable things about these shiny black pants are the zipped front and side pockets. In other words, the zipped pockets distract attention from the skinniness of the pants. That makes these pants popular with those who love the cozy, skin-hugging comfort of skinny pants minus the attention (and sometimes judgment) that the default figure-flattering nature of skinny pants attracts. These, in other words, are skinny pants that don’t look skinny: because attention is shifted from the skinniness of the pants to the zipped front and side pockets.

Paneled skinny black pants

These are other skinny black pants designed to fully flatter the figures of the wearers. These pants make the wearers look leaner than they really are: as they not only flatter the figure, but they also elaborately ‘skim’ it. The most loved variety of paneled skinny black pants is that of those which come with satin and twill lining, as such pants are noticeably much more comfortable to wear.