Motorcycle Pants

How to Choose Motorcycle Pants for Him

Choosing motorcycle pants for a man shouldn’t be hard, as long as you are aware of the important considerations. You ultimate goal, when choosing motorbike pants for a man, is to end up with pants that he will be comfortable wearing. These have to be pants that fit him well, pants that are made out of the right material, and pants that offer optimum protection (if you are buying them for riding as opposed to fashion purposes). There are specific things to pay attention to, when choosing motorbike pants for him, and those include:

Go for the toughest variety of leather available

Nowadays, we are seeing people introducing pants that are made out of soft materials into the market and trying to pass them off as motorcycle pants. The truth is that, by their very definition, motorbike pants are supposed to be made out of the tougher varieties of leather. Only then can they be regarded as being proper motorbike pants.

The tougher varieties of leather offer the requisite level of protection to the wearer of the motorbike pants, and this is important, especially if you are actually a rider, and not a person buying the pants on account of their perceived fashion trendiness. Coincidentally, the motorbike pants made out of the tougher varieties of leather also tend to look classy and they are extremely durable.

Be guided by bodily measurements

A key defining feature of motorbike pants (which also differentiates them from other types of pants) is that they have to fit perfectly. At the very least, motorbike pants can’t be allowed to be flabby. If you were buying the pants for a lady, you would be allowed to err on the side of them being smaller and hence tighter. As far as men, that is a mistake you can’t make: as tight clothing on men ends up sending the wrong message. So you have to get the exact right size. This is in terms of the length, the waist, the hip size, the size of the pants ‘legs’’ and so on.

Go for motorbike pants with strong seams

Motorbike pants are supposed to be hardy outfits, and one of the ways in which the hardiness is imbued is through the use of strong seams. In any event, you have to remember that motorbike pants are made out of strong leather, and the combination of strong leather with weak seams is not ideal. If you make the mistake of buying men’s motorcycle pants that lack strong seams, then you need to know that you are buying pants that are unlikely to last long. The trending motorbike pants (those that are coming from the design houses in modern times) have strong seams that are not particularly prominent. So don’t look at the prominence of the seams, but rather at the objective strength of the seams in the pants.

Take the color of the motorbike pants into consideration

Here, an important consideration is as to what the specific man you are buying motorbike pants for likes and prefers, in terms of colors. Generally, in the riding apparel stores where these motorbike pants are stocked, we find some in dark colors and some in brighter colors. From a fashion point of view, both the bright and dark colors are okay (depending on what you wear them with). From a riding safety point of view, you may be advised to go for the brighter colors, to enhance the visibility of the motorbike pant’s wearer when riding.