Leather Pants

The Hot Trend of This Season – The Leather Pants

Gauging by the huge number of people donning them, it is clear that pants made out of leather are back in fashion. As a matter of fact, many of the hot street fashion trends of this season incorporate leather pants. We will be looking at some of those trends, and where the pants made out of leather fit in them.

The hot trends of this season that incorporate pants made out of leather include:

The trend where pants made out of leather are worn with matching leather jackets

This is an interesting trend, and one that makes for a stunning look. This look seems to be ideal when say, going for leisurely walks in the streets on cool days. Leather pants with matching leather jackets can draw attention as they are very conspicuous, especially if they are of the shiny variety. Of course, the combination of a leather jacket with pants made out of leather is a very insulating one. As a consequence, it is a combination that can only be donned in relatively cold weather.

The trend where black pants made out of leather are worn with simple white t-shirts

This is another (potentially) attention-grabbing look, though one can tone it down by wearing one of the leather-based pants that are not shiny. The contrast between black and white makes for an interesting combination, and the end result is an understated elegance. This combination of leather-based black pants with simple white t-shirts is increasingly common on campus paths, with students. It is also a common look in the workplaces that are dominated by the creative types – like, say, in studio settings.

The trend where pants made out of leather are worn with knee-length leather boots

Knee-length boots always signify wildness, especially when worn by ladies. The combination of leather pants with knee-length leather boots almost always shows that the wearer is an unapologetically adventurous person. It is therefore not surprising that this particular look has tended to be very common in the partying scene. The knee-length leather boots in this case can be of the same color as the pants or they can be of a color that contrasts with the leather-based pants.

The trend where pants that are made out of leather are worn with trench coats

Trench coats are often associated with high degrees of affluence and social sophistication. This becomes even more pronounced when they are worn with leather-based pants. You will find this trench-coat leather pant combination in elite circles, as well as in the streets of fast cities like New York. Celebrities too, are often spotted wearing trench coats with pants that are made out of the leather. To make heads turn, people donning this combination will often select a trench coat that matches with the leather-based pants. Now a good trench coat, by itself, is head-turning. Similarly, a pair of leather-based pants, by itself, is also head-turning. By that logic, the combination of the trench coat and the leather-based pants turns out to be a real stunner.

The trend where skinny pants that are made out of leather are back in fashion

The leather-based skinny pants in question here are turning out to be mostly those of eye-catching colors: like black, red or green. They are worn with pretty much anything, from t-shirts to polo shirts and onto to normal shirts with blazers on top. Depending on what they are worn with, the skinny pants made out of leather can make for an adventurous look, a casual look or a sophisticated look.