Tag Heuer Jacket

The New Styles of This Season by Tag Heuer

If there is one brand that knows how to stay up to date with the latest trends and styles, it is Tag Heuer. Every year they design a wide range of leather jackets that keep motorcycle riders warm and in style. If one is looking for a trendy outfit to ride a motorbike, a Tag Heuer jacket is a must. These jackets come in different shapes and colors, which is something that promises to match any rider’s wild expectations.

This season, the Tag Heuer jacket  is back, and it comes in different styles such as the Jupler, the Apiso, and the Sesan. These jackets can be found in the traditional black, and brown colors, but riders can also pick between yellow, red, blue, and white. However, brown and black are still the trendiest colors. All these jackets share some features in common, but each of them also features their unique characteristics that make them stand out among the rest. This allows different riders to find the option that fits them the most.

The Jupler jacket for example, carries the Tag Heuer logo discretely engraved along the chest, and it is adorned with metallic zippers on the front closure and the side pockets. Also, it features a round neck fastened with a button that is press stub. It is a perfect companion for a wild weekend ride. On the other hand, the Apiso leather jacket is more adequate for those riders who seek less attention while still going on wild rides in their motorcycles.

This jacket bears the engraved logo right above one of the two side horizontal pockets along the chest. Also, this jacket features two vertical pockets on each side and a mandarin collar. However, if riders are looking for wilder and extravagant looks, a Sesan leather jacket is a good fit for them. Featuring a pointy neck adorned with fastened press stub buttons around it, this jacket will certainly generate a lot of attention. Its metallic zipper in the front is asymmetrical, and other smaller zippers that serve to protect the pockets surrounding it. The back also helps to grab attention with its decorative patched logo.

Also, there are different versions of Tag Heuer black leather jackets with orange and beige stripes around the chest and along the sleeves. This combination of colors is available in different versions, sporting the Tag Heuer logo on the chest and sleeves to make sure that everyone around knows that this is not just another jacket; it is a stylish Tag Heuer one. Some of these jackets come with side discrete pockets on the side, or if the customer prefers, other styles of the same brand come with vertical pockets in the front. The collars of the jackets are round, but some styles also offer a Mandarin collar instead. The jackets feature a waist that is adjustable, and an artistic version on the logo to bear in the back of the jacket.

The low temperatures and wild weather conditions are just around the corner, as well as the Tag Heuer jackets that promise to meet the needs of different riders. Whether these riders want to be the center of attention while sporting a Sesan jacket, or pass a little more unnoticed with the Apiso, these riders will surely find what they need at a nearby leather apparel store.