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New Fashion Hit: The Sporty Jackets

Sporty jackets are the new fashion hit. These jackets are loved because, firstly, they look so casual. Thus, if you want to have an unambiguous casual look, the outfit to put on is the sporty jacket. Whenever someone else sees you in a sporty jacket, the first thing that is likely to strike their mind is the elegant casualness of your look. That is regardless of whatever else you put on under the sporty jacket.

Secondly, sporty jackets are versatile. Sporty jackets are good matches for denim jeans of all makes and colors, formal fabric-based trousers, leather trousers … and all sorts of garments.

Thirdly, sporty jackets can be classy. Here, we are not just making reference to high-end sporty jackets, like the Porsche jacket, but also other more affordable mid-range sporty jackets. Given the interplay of these three facts, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn of the sporty jackets as the new fashion hit. Specific currently fashion trending sporty jackets include:

Sport leather coat with notched lapel and button closure

This is one of the sporty jackets that are also wearable to more serious/formal occasions. Distinctive about this particular sporty jacket is the fact that it comes with button closure, and no zip. This is distinctive, because as we all know, most sporty jackets only come with zip fastening closures. The notched lapel is, for some reason, very noticeable and it makes the sporty leather coat in question very elegant. Indeed, elegance-wise, this jacket can compete well with the much costlier Porsche jacket. Designed out of nubuck leather, this is as classy as a sporty jacket can be, and its medium weight gives it quite a bit of versatility, in terms of seasons of the year when this particular sporty jacket can be put on.

The waterproof and windproof straight fitting leather motorsport jacket

The waterproof and windproof straight fitting leather motorsport jacket is designed to cater for all groups of sporty jacket enthusiasts, much like the Porsche jacket. It caters for motorsport practitioners who actually use the jackets on racing courses.

It also caters for the people who just want to wear sporty jackets to look good, without being active sportspeople. Attractive about this jacket is its flexibility: this being a jacket whose quilting is removable. Besides being waterproof and windproof, it is designed to be capable of reflecting heat back, meaning that this sporty jacket can even be worn on very hot days.

The brown full-grain leather sports jacket with double vents and full lining

This jacket is designed to be more in tune with the needs of sporty fashion enthusiasts, as opposed to actives sportsmen. Being a brown full-grained leather, it sends out the messages that the person wearing it has fashion suaveness. Notably, this jacket has no zipper anywhere: as the main fastening is via buttons, with naturally closing flap pockets. This sporty leather jacket gives ruggedness a new meaning, and notable about it is the fact that it is a jacket that is rugged without having a ratchet look.

Premium leather sports jacket with reflective trim

Given the fact that a jacket needs to have reflective trim to be perceived as a real sports jacket by most people, this particular jacket comes with very well placed reflective trim. As a real sports jacket, it comes with many removable protectors, ranging from sleeve protectors to spine, shoulder and elbow protectors. Thus, safety-wise and in terms of stylishness, it is at least as good as the Porsche jacket, but with a less hefty price tag.