Ferrari Jacket

The Sporty look of the season in leather jackets

Look like a Formula 1 driver or the next Michael Schumacher in a sporty Ferrari jacket. When you hear the word Ferrari you can’t help but hear the sound of a revving race car speeding off. The jacket combines speed and style in their dominant red and black designs. The jacket is so fashionable and trendy that a normal person wouldn’t even know that it is a Ferrari jacket. The Ferrari brand has grown massively throughout the years. They not only are popular on the racetrack but they have expanded into clothing, branding different home and office supplies, watches, accessories, sunglasses, collectibles and Scudery.

The Ferrari jacket is ranked in the same category as one of the elite products to own anytime. It is an exclusive designer and manufacturer, much likeVersace, Victor Rolf and Yves Saint Laurent. Leather jackets made by Ferrari are stylish and compete with the latest modern designs. Their jacket range is extensive, catering for men, women and children. The jacket also comes in different sizes including 3XL. Ferrari accommodates all shapes and sizes. Most leather jackets that are sold stop manufacturing at extra-large or large.

Ferrari is an elite brand; this renders the jackets that they sell expensive. Men’s leather jackets have a starting price of $1000. It is the vest and other non-leather garments that have a starting price that are below $500. The women’s jacket has a starting price that is $100 cheaper than the men’s. The red and black colours which match the logo of Ferrari are used plentifully in the men’s jackets. There’s nothing like a bright red jacket to show the sporty side of a man. Avid sport fanatic, Fumani Ndobela, has seen the jacket worn by people before. “The jacket is very cool but expensive,” he says. He wouldn’t necessarily invest in one because of the price.

The women’s leather jacket also comes in red but it doesn’t have the same effect as the men’s. The coats are ladylike and chic. Female leather jackets come in neutral and soft colours like tan, grey and white. A Ferrari jacket is sold at the online store and it can also be found at different elite boutiques. They also have built a few stores in the fashion capitals of the world.

Ferrari is mainly associated with speed and sport. With their jackets they create the perfect balance between looking sporty and trendy. When wearing a Ferrari leather will be seen as a sport fanatic. This is because some the designs are made with a raised collar that keeps the neck snuggly and warm. The men’s jacket is masculine and exudes confidence and sophistication.

When wearing an original leather jacket made by Ferrari you will be daring and bold. Your look will be appropriate for a day at the football game or at a dinner party with the in-laws. It is an all-rounder and fits in where ever you go. The jacket is trending because there are very few sporty fashionable leather jackets that are taking advantage of the niche market. Ferrari is doing just that and they have scooped majority of the people who are going for a sporty look that isn’t too overwhelming or overt.

The Ferrari leather jacket is the winner’s jacket; this is portrayed at Formula 1 crowning celebrations where the number 1 racer gets on stage wearing the jacket and sprays everyone with champagne. Feel like a winner too when rocking your Ferrari jacket. Walk high and tall in front of mates, co-workers and on-lookers.