Zac Efron Leather Jacket

Latest Leather Belt Style from Style Guru

As people’s sense of fashion and style becomes ever more finely nuanced, clothing accessory items that were previously accorded scant attention are now being intensely subjected to the spotlight. One of those accessories is, of course, the one worn at the waist: the belt. So great is the focus on the leather belt that we have seen the emergence of fashion gurus whose area of specialization is that of belts – specifically leather belts. These gurus focus on advising people, sometimes at a fee, on the sorts of belts to match with various outfits. Interestingly, the spotlight seems to be shone more intensely on the Zac Efron leather jacket styles, as opposed to leather belt styles for women. From an analysis of the advice given by such gurus, we gather that the latest leather belt styles include:

Leather belts with precious metal buckles

Here, you can encounter leather belts with genuine gold buckles. You can also encounter leather belts with genuine platinum buckles. Also common is the Zac Efron leather jacket with a genuine silver buckle. For people who can’t afford buckles made out of genuine precious metals, there are two options. The first one is that of leather belts whose buckles are mainly made out of the baser metals, but then somehow coated with genuine precious metals. The second option is that of leather belts whose buckles are made out of baser metals that are cleverly painted to genuinely mimic the precious metals.

Shiny leather belts for the men

Shiny leather belts for the women (in various styles) have always kept on coming out of fashion design studios, but now, we are seeing new shiny leather belts for men. The prototype of the said shiny Zac Efron leather jacket is typically that of a very highly polished leather belt, with a matching shiny buckle. As shiny leather garments for men proliferate, emergence of shiny leather belts suited to men was really also to be expected.

Leather belts with no brand labels

Not very long ago, a leather belt with no ‘big’ brand label imprinted on it would have attracted little respect, as far as the stylishness of it went. Today though, leather belts that are regarded to be stylish because of how they really are, quality-wise and in terms of elegance. In some suave circles, leather belts with big brand labels imprinted on them are simply unacceptable. Where things must be imprinted on the leather belts, the trend nowadays favors personalized things (as customized leather belts are also in fashion). The leather belts with generic brand labels are, however, seemingly out of mode.

Leather belts with cute square buckles

Square buckles are clearly distinguishable from rectangle buckles: mainly on account of the more perfect symmetry in the square buckles. Style gurus seem to be more in favor of the square buckles, in both leather belts for men and leather belts for women.

Leather belts in which unused buckle holes are concealed

These are high-end leather belts, in which, the moment one buckle hole is buckled, the others (which would otherwise remain open) are closed. The leather belts in question here are getting lots of endorsements from style gurus. The belts appear as if they have no buckle holes, whereas, in fact they do have buckle holes: only that those holes get concealed. Closely related to these are leather belts which simply have no buckle holes at all. Typically, a women’s or mens leather belt with no buckles will close through a mechanical or a magnetic mechanism.