X Men First Class Leather Jacket

10 timeless aviator leather jackets

The leather jacket comes in different designs and different forms. The aviator leather jacket is one of the aspects of the classic leather jacket. It is also loosely known as the flight jacket or X Men First Class Leather Jacket. The leather jacket gained popularity in the 70s, thanks to the pilots and soldiers who wore them in battle during WWI. Ever since then it has given birth to different kinds of styles and makes that have changed the face of the X Men First Class Leather Jacket for men and women. The following aviator leather jackets are the top 10 timeless pieces you can strut around in no matter where you go:

Classic aviator jacket

This jacket holds true to the design that was made in the 70s. The classic aviator jacket duplicates the original 70s piece. It comes in brown and has the badges achievable for the aviators.

RAF Aviator leather jacket

This jacket is made specifically for the aircrew. It comes in two designs. One with heavy layering and another without. The layered jacket is there to provide warmth and protection for the aircrew.

Irvin flight jacket

Irvin manufactures only the best and original flight jackets ideal for flying in any weather. They are heavier. The manufacturer rose to popularity in the late 70s after supplies of war issue jackets decreased but the demand of it hadn’t. It is still popular today. Irvin is the number one supplier of flight jackets to pilots worldwide.

Vintage aviator leather jacket

The vintage jacket is made for men and women. The female range is shaped according to the contours of the female body. The jacket is tight fitting and hugs the body for a warm and comfortable fit.

Coloured aviator leather jacket

The flight jacket comes in brown. A coloured jacket comes in neutral colours like tan and black. These are made for fashion reasons more than flying purposes.

Aviator bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is also one of the oldest jackets used by pilots. The bomber jacket is puffier and has a baggy fit to the wearer. It looks like an airbag and when worn by pilots it fulfills this look during crashes.

Officer aviator jacket

This jacket is a trendier and an edgier design. The jacket designed for the runway has been cut and remodeled to suit different figures. It is less wide and stretched. The design is modern and sleek. Some designs come quilted.

Field jacket

The field jacket has a trench look to it. It comes in metallic and two tone colours. It has a stretchy waist and the collar can be folded in or out. The jacket comes as a slimmer bomber jacket.

Shearling jacket

The layering of the flight jacket comes in shearling. Irvin lines their jackets with shearling because they feel that the material is warmer and comfortable to wear.

Fur jacket

The fur flight jacket is just made for style purposes. It is dressed around the leather jacket just like the shearling is.

The X Men First Class Leather Jacket is made with 100% genuine leather. Ones made with man-made leather aren’t made for the helicopter/plane. The aviator leather jacket is an iconic piece to have in your wardrobe even if you’re not a pilot. A X Men First Class Leather Jacket can be worn for different occasions in different ways. Dressed up or down, the jacket doesn’t lose its ageless appeal. After its cameo appearance during the First World War the fashion world has fallen in love with the jacket. It has added and subtracted a few things to make it fitting for the contemporary market. This had caused people to flock in clothing retailers to purchase the authentic piece. However, there is no need to rush to get an aviator leather jacket, its timeless meaning you can take your time to find the perfect fit.