Wolverine Jacket

The Top Movie inspired leather jackets

Lights, camera, action! Hollywood has contributed to huge trends and changes to society. It is the big screen that introduces new styles and trends ready for the masses to try. The leather jacket is one of these new styles that were made popular by the silver screen back in the 40s and 50s. Since then the world has gone in one direction when it comes to the leather jacket, and that is all the way! Even today the leather jacket is considered a coveted piece worldwide.

Movies play a big role in terms of sourcing the best items for their wardrobe. If the movie ends up on the box office top 10, clothes that were worn on set usually become a must-have piece. The leather jackets from movies like Iron Man, Inception, X-Men, Twilight, have become popular.

The wolverine jacket from X-Men, worn by Hugh Jackman, inspires a new wave of leather jacket apparel. The jacket worn on-set is black and has brown strips around the elbows and the bottom of the jacket. It is a chic piece. Despite being overtly masculine, it also portrays a fashion sense appeal for the man. The jackets popularity is due to the brown stripes around the elbows and the bottom of the jacket. Such a design is authentic yet simplistic. It can be considered a fashion forward piece.

The wolverine jacket is available in a variety of stores online and retailers. Although the design isn’t the original one that Hugh Jackman wore, they offer replicas that come pretty close to the original. Online store, soulrevolverfactory.com, stocks only 100% genuine leather jackets. They are famous for supplying movie replica jackets.

Robert Downey Jr.’s leather jacket from Iron Man is also a trending jacket. It has a unique collar and positioning of the sideways zip pockets. The brown leather jacket is stylish and attractive. This makes it a fashionable piece and head turner for anyone wearing it. The Dark Knight movies also hit the big time at the box office.

The leather jacket worn by lead actor, Christian Bale, is available at leathercult.com. It is made of sheep skin soft leather. This gives the jacket a matte finish. The website is convenient because it has the option to custom make your jacket. They make jackets as per your measurements or you can purchase on of their ready sized selections. Another perk of choosing some online jacket store for your movie replica is that most jackets are available in over 50 colors. With such a huge choice of colors, blending in will be the furthest thing from your mind.

You don’t have to break the bank in order to own a replica of the trending movie leather jackets. From a good and credible supplier you can get it for less than $300!

When it comes to movies replica jackets, men get the spotlight. Online stores like soulrevolverfactory.com and leathercult.com have pages and pages of movie jackets worn by various actors, e.g. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Indiana Jones, etc.

Male leather jackets are mostly come in brown. The Iron Man and wolverine jacket come in brown. Movies, series, soapies and reality shows usually sway whether or not we like what we see the actor and actresses are wearing. This leads us to either buy or dump the garment. The leather jacket is all over the television screen. Most programs feature men or women wearing them. And most of the jackets are the perfect style and fit for the wearer.