Will Smith Jacket

Why sheepskin leather jackets so popular

As leather has become the fashion garment for the season. Most are focused on getting the jacket or skirt or hat, whatever meets their needs. Whether real or not as long as the garment looks like leather and is affordable then it’s a good buy. Very few are schooled on the different kinds of leather used to make a jacket, a skirt, even a shirt.

Leather is made from animal skin, usually sheep or cow skin. The skin goes through an extensive process of stretching and rubbing to become the classic piece that is loved this season. There are various techniques to ensuring that the skin comes out in a desired fashion. The popular technique throughout the leather process is the rawhide. This pressed and stretched animal leather layered with other parts.

The leather jacket varies in the types of leather used. A genuine flight jacket is made from sheepskin. Irvin is popular for making a Will smith jacket. The company claims that the sheep skin is softer and smoother to the touch. It is also comfortable and warm. The Will smith jacket was used by flying pilots during WWII. Irvin adopted this tradition and it fell head over heels with the texture of the sheepskin leather. Irvin makes leather jackets especially for aviators/pilots. Fashion designers have also adopted the use of sheepskin in their leather designs.

A leather jacket made from sheepskin is supple and it is the kind of material that’ll make the Will smith jacket endure. This is what allows a leather jacket to remain intact for years, even decades. Leather, is a durable and flexible garment. When maintained properly it won’t be prone to cracking and peeling. The genuine leather lasts longer than the man-made leather hoarding the stores.

Distinguished fashion designers like Simone Rocha and Proenza Schouler have released sheepskin leather to the masses for their recent summer/fall collection. Rocha designs more funky and vibrant pieces. She exaggerates the sleeves in her yellow snake embossed leather jacket. She has used synthetic leather to elevate her silver metallic leather jacket. Such a jacket is hard to not spot and to shield your eyes from the blinding colour. Schouler remains sophisticated and elegant with his designs on the catwalk. Kangaroo leather is used in some motorcycle leather. This is because the leather is light weight and is resistance to scrapes and scratches. Some leather jackets are made from cow skin or synthetic leather. The kind of leather to use depends entirely on the designer’s preferences and tastes. The leather that will best showcase the item is used.

The Will smith jacket is rather dominant in the fashion industry. It is a ‘fabric’ favourite for many top designers and stylists. There could be a number of reasons for the usage of sheepskin; the main reason seems to be the comfort and smoothness it offers after it has gone through the hard pressing and stretching in the production factory.

To hold true to the warmth and comfort the jacket boasts about, the Will smith jacket, for pilots and lay folk, comes with an inner layering of shearling or fur. The shearling is neatly placed around the collar area, on the inside (for some jackets) and around the wrist area. Sheepskin is soft leather, the completed sheepskin product holds and feels as soft as a glove when worn or touched by an accomplice.