Tron Jacket

Jackets made iconic by movie - the must have for enthusiast

Movie enthusiast sometimes take their dreams to the next level when they decide to wear an outfit that is the same as the one worn by the characters of their favorite movie. Such is the case of fans blockbuster films such as X-men, Mission Impossible, Terminator, and the recent version of Tron. Others prefer to sport jackets of period characters such as the one in the movie The Aviator, or the infamous but lovable Sweeney Todd. The good news is that these jackets are now available at multiple leather apparel stores, and they are as famous and popular as the characters who worn them on the big screen. From the tron jacket, to the ones worn by terminator and wolverine, many films have impacted the design of iconic jackets for those movie enthusiasts.

Tron is a film that became famous in the 80s, and such was its fame that a new version of the film came back in the 2010s. Just as the movie and its characters became famous, the tron jacket became famous as well. In the latest installment of the film, actor Garret Hedlund is seen sporting one fine trendy leather jacket that features a moto collar fastened by a snap button, and a lower pocket on each side. This jacket is black and features taned edges, but it can also be found in brown, red, and blue among other colors. However, the trendiest and most popular color is the one worn by Tron’s Sam Flynn, which is the black with the tanned edges. To imitate its presence on the film, this jacket goes well with a hooded garment underneath, and a pair of dark jeans.

Among many quirky and fantastical elements, Tim Burton films have been known for the presence of interesting and outstanding costumes. Such is the case of Johnny Depp’s character Sweeney Todd, who is known for wearing a leather jacket in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street. This long leather jacket is heavy and protective. It features a set of button fasteners in the front part, as well as full sleeves and a double collar. The lining is made out of cotton and polyester, which make this heavy jacket feel comfortable and warm. The jacket provides a distressed look that will certainly not be ignored by any of the fans of this infamous barber.

Also, for those movie enthusiasts who enjoyed Tom Cruise’s look in the latest installments of the Mission Impossible franchise, they will be thrilled to know that they can accomplish the look of their favorite hero by purchasing the Suede Leather jacket worn by the Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible 3. This suede leather jacket is tailored with a classic style, which makes it a flexible fit for a pair of jeans, or trousers. This jacket comes with two waist pockets and another pocket along the chest line. Its front is zipped and its cuffs feature a seam finish as well as its hemline.

Movie enthusiasts will certainly not be disappointed this season as they will be able to not only remain warm and comfortable, but also to sport a jacket similar to the one their favorite characters wear. Whether they are fans of action movies, or fantasy, they will surely find their character’s jacket at a leather apparel store.