Tom Cruise Leather Jacket

Whats new in leather flight jackets - The new modes of this Fashion season

Leather flight jackets have made their domestic and international arrivals all over the world. The flight jacket is the most comfortable of the leather jackets. It takes on the shape of a bomber jacket. Fitting loosely and cuddling the body. Additions like fur and shearling make the jacket an accessory during cold winter mornings. The jacket has a classic look and can be worn by anyone. Fashion forward folks and those who are just trying out the look are giving the jacket a chance. And just like everyone else who adores its fit and comfort, they fall head over heels in love with it!

Tom Cruise leather jacket isn’t only exclusive to pilots and the aircrew anymore. The jacket has found its way into the hearts of fashion designers and retailers. Public figures like president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has been seen looking swag and dapper in the flight jacket.

Owning a classic and vintage flight jacket is the in thing this season. Getting a brown leather flight jacket is a good place to start. As the brown jacket was the one that was worn by pilots and soldiers back in the day. The jacket must be authentic and this can be quite a splurge because a 100% genuine leather make doesn’t come cheap. Some can cost as much as $1000. But you should never skimp on the good stuff.

Coloured Tom Cruise leather jacket is fairly new. Well the ones that don’t come in brown anyway. A coloured leather flight jacket is commonly made in neutral colours. Colours like beige, cream white, grey and dark green.

The shearling is unique to the flight jacket. When it migrated to the fashion world, the shearling came with it. The colour of the shearling has changed over the years though. Prevalently it is white. But it also comes in brown. The shearling gives the jacket some sophistication and class. It has elegant qualities to it that femininity and masculinity becomes prominent when worn.

The famous asymmetrical zip that a huge chunk of leather jackets come in is also what the leather flight jacket can be designed with. The zip isn’t just there to make you look like a rock star. The zip allows for the chest to be completely concealed when zipped up. This ensures that no cold air gets in the way of your comfort.

There is a cropped flight jacket made for women by catwalk designer Lim are bold and refined. Lim has distinctively added red shearling to the elbows on the outside of the jacket. It also lines the neck. This new and fresh addition of shearling is what makes the jacket a must-have. The cropped jacket is a modern cut for this season. It highlights the waist discreetly yet offering to shape the contours of the female body.

The Tom Cruise leather jacket is hot property anytime of the year. There are some jackets that allow removal of the shearling just in case winter isn’t as cold as you expected it to be or summer hasn’t quite kicked in yet. New styles and trends of the jacket will keep coming; you’ll just have to ask yourself if you can keep up. Designer, Lim’s flight jacket is the perfect example of a new style and trend picking up in the fashion world.