Thriller Jacket

Music World Celebrity Jackets – Ones that left a mark in fashion trends

It takes one superstar to make a song linger on people’s lives for a lifetime, but it takes one legend to impact his or her followers in a way that they want to follow their footsteps to the point of wanting to even dress like this person who they admire. Such is the case of Michael Jackson, a star who made an impact beyond the world of music into fashion and modern lifestyle. Although the star is now gone from this world, his impact still remains through items such as the fashion garments that made him famous. Fortunately, many leather apparel stores have made available their own takes on the leather jackets that made the king of pop famous back in the day.

Many still remember the day when they watched the music video for the song “Thriller” for the first time in their lives. Other perhaps remember a documentary or a special TV program about the life of Michael Jackson and saw the men in the red leather jacket dance like no one else did. One thing is for sure, many of the people watching him dance to Thriller felt the urgency to go out and sport a Michael Jackson thriller jacket before dancing the night away. Good news is that the jacket is available at multiple leather apparel stores and it comes in red and other colors such as blue and black. Nonetheless, if one wants to be fair to the trend, one must then get the authentic Michael Jackson thriller jacket, which is the red one. This jacket comes with its notorious black stripes around the long neck and sleeves, as well as black belts around the waist and sleeve ends.

Perhaps Michael Jackson was not only the king of pop, but also the king of leather jackets. He certainly knew how to dance while sporting a comfortable and trendy leather jacket. For those fans who remember him for his “Beat It” jacket, they might be thrilled to know that this famous jacket is available at stores, in different sizes and colors, including the red one, which just like in thriller, is the color that MJ wore. The Beat It jacket features its famous metallic panels around the shoulder area. It also has three tilted metallic zippers on each side and all the other features that made the jacket shine as much as the star did.

For those Michael Jackson fans that are seeking for something more out of the box, the “Bad” jacket might be a perfect fit for their need. This black leather jacket comes with multiple shiny small belts on each sleeve, as well as a thick buckled belt around the waist, accompanied by a thinner belt with metallic stitches right below it, making it a double belt. The jacket also comes with multiple zippers on the chest area, around the centered zipper that serves to close this outstanding piece of fashionable work. The back of the jacket also features some stitches and other metallic details, which are certainly going to grab the attention of MJ’s fans walking down the streets of the cities of the world.

These jackets accompanied the superstar in the 80s, and surprisingly, remained famous through the ages to the point of being still a fashion statement in the present days.