Terminator Jacket

Celebrity jackets made popular by Popular movies

Going to the movies nowadays is a multi-sensory experience. Movie audiences not only engage with the story, its looks, and amazing special effects, but they also want to imitate the most outstanding characters on screen. From very back in the day, when the Indiana Jones movies became famous, to this present day, when superhero movies are becoming the most popular ones at the box offices, audiences are always trying to imitate their heroes. Today, many of the jackets worn by these characters are available for purchase. From the Terminator jacket, to Wolverine and the Xmen’s ones, a wide range of movie inspired leather jackets are likely available at the nearest leather apparel shop.

Its bearer, Harrison Ford, made the Terminator jacket famous for the first time. Now fans of the movie can wear an Indiana Jones inspired jacket that calls for adventure and danger, just like the famous adventurer did in the movie. This jacket is available with a collar that is shirt styled. It keeps the vintage and classic look that Harrison Ford bore on the original movie by keeping the style powerful but simple. The waistline of the jacket features a belt that is adjustable and a pair of pockets. Though the jacket was made popular in a shade of brown, it can also be found in black, blue, and other colors. However, legit fans might want to be faithful to the character by sporting the original colors. For Indiana Jones fans, the Terminator jacket is definitely a most.

Now, for those movie enthusiasts who watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and felt in love not only with the characters from the movie, but also with the leather jacket that Brad Pitt wore in it, they might be thrilled to know that this leather jacket is now available for purchase. The jacket comes with an upright collar surrounded by a buckled tab closure, along with a fully zippered front. The jacket comes with tabs on each cuff end, and a pair of flap buttoned pockets on the waist, as well as the chest. A pair of jeans and nice boots will surely enhance the movie star look. Just like in the movie, this jacket can be worn while riding a classic motorcycle. The leather jacket is available in a faded brown color, as well as in black, blue, red, and other leather colors.

There is also the jacket made popular by celebrity Garrett Hedlund while playing Tron’s character Sam Flynn. This leather jacket is simple, but very trendy and fashionable. It features a front lower pocket on each side of its front closuring zipper. Also, the jacket comes with a comfortable polyester lining. Moreover, the Tron jacket is a very versatile style as it can achieve a formal look by wearing it solely the way it is, but it can also become more casual by adding a hooded jacket underneath. The jacket comes in black, but it can also be found in brown, red, and white.

This season is far from disappointing all of those faithful movie fans who want to dress like their favorite characters. The jacket styles made popular by movies are now popular among the crowds to the point that different people from different places can wear the jacket of their favorite movie hero.