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Motorbike Gear Fashion Trends

Lately, Surrogates Jacket items such as motorbike leather jackets, motorbike pants, and riding boots have become subject to fashion trends. We are seeing this against a background where, every few months, ever more aesthetically appealing motorcycle gear items are being introduced into the markets. The motorcycle gear items in question have lately become mass market products: and not the niche products for riders that they previously were. The latest motorcycle gear fashion trends include:

Motorbike pants designed to match with particular motorbike boots

Previously, we used to have motorbike pants that were designed with absolutely no thought being put into the types of motorbike boots they were to match with. This is changing, and in this Surrogates Jacket fashion season, we are seeing pants that are designed with specific matching riding boots in mind. Some are actually sold with the boots as a package: that is, a package where you buy matching motorcycle boots and motorcycle pants together. Notably, the boots designed to match with the specific pants are not necessarily in the classic motorbike pants and boots colors. On the contrary, we are seeing motorcycle gear fashion designers daring to diversify in colors that were previously unthinkable for biker pants and boots.

Motorbike pants for ladies designed with thin legs

These are the sorts of motorbike pants that you don’t have to crumple, in order to fit into the riding boots as the legs are thin, especially on the lower part. The pants in question are, as such, ideal for riding purposes: though, like most other motorbike pants for ladies, they are more commonly procured as fashion articles.

Motorbike jackets that can be effortlessly converted into motorbike vests

These are motorbike jackets (designed for both men and women) that come with zippers going all the way round both sleeves. Through those zippers, the sleeves can be easily removed, and when that is done, the jackets are turned into motorcycle vests.

Leather motorbike pants designed for the warmer seasons

A complaint that was previously loudly voiced about motorbike pants was that they would be unbearable to wear during the warmer seasons. This is because they were made out of heavy leather, with no ‘breathing pores’. In the current Surrogates Jacket fashion season, we are seeing leather motorbike pants that are heavy enough to protect, but that also come with lots of pores, to ensure that the wearer doesn’t become too hot.

Motorbike pants for ladies with elaborate knee caps

The knee caps in motorbike pants are increasingly being made in eye-catching ways, so that attention is focused on them whenever one looks at the pants. From a safety point of view, it is not mandatory that motorbike pants have knee caps, so long as they are made out of real hard leather. Still, the knee caps can be added, and when they are added, they can be turned into design icons. This is like where, for instance, we are seeing the knee caps being made in colors that are different from the main colors of the leather used in making the pants.

Motorbike vests with upper and lower pockets

It used to be that motorbike vests had to have few pockets, in order to make them less cumbersome. Thus, in classic motorbike vests, we would only find the lower two pockets. In the current motorcycle gear fashion season though, we have seen the entry into the market of motorbike vests with as many as four pockets. Those are two pockets in the upper section and two pockets in the lower section.