Steve Mcqueen Jacket

Celebrity jackets - The evergreen jackets still in trend

Inspiration to try new things comes from celebrities. Well, the bulk of it. What the camera snaps them wearing can become a trend by default. A lot of people like to emulate celebrities for whatever reason. This is why gossip/fashion magazines get sold out week after week. The masses want to know who’s wearing what, what’s being matched with what, why was someone wearing that, etc., etc. I can go on and on.

Public figures have a huge stage presence and that gives them the advantage of popularizing anything they wear, drink or eat. Fashion designers use this to their advantage by playing on the actor, actress or musicians image. Clothes are the main thing that they usually endorse. This can be done in a movie, series, soapie or gala event.

It is not hard to believe that some clothing that was featured in a movie or worn casually years ago is still on the market. Depending on who was wearing the item and what character they were portraying, the item becomes a hit because it creates a desirable effect. It is said that people forget, but that is not true. Michael Jacksons’ red and black jacket debuted back in early 90s and it is still trending today.

A clothing item that is gorgeous and edgy is hard to forget. Some people spend all their life saving up and hunting down a celebrity jacket.The Steve McQueen jacket is much older than Michael Jackson’s jacket. McQueen was an actor from the 80s. His biker jacket is still available for purchase today!

Below are a few celebrity jackets that have stood through the sands of time. These are:

Michael Jackson thriller jacket

This edgy and daring biker was seen almost 20 years. Michael traded in the dominant black colour for a racing red with only a dash of black. The bad boy image that the jacket gives is what made the masses fall in love. The frills on the wrists made it a unique cut that everyone had to have. The jacket is replicated by many today and they have altered it to give it a modern twist.

Fight Club jackets

The two red jackets worn by Brad Pitt in the 1999 movie are a coveted piece by movie lovers. Thanks to its red colour and white patches on the shoulders and elbows, the biker jacket oozes appeal.

Steve McQueen jacket

The stand-up collar and the red and yellow strips down the left side of the jacket make for a look that is fun and thinks out-of-the-box. The Steve McQueen jacket is a classic piece. The design is and splash of colour is what has made it a name in the fashion industry.

Halle Berry jacket

The simple cut jacket with a full front snap closure is a beautiful design that is classic and elegant. It is very feminine and you feel like a lady wearing it. Halle Berry hasn’t worn it anywhere specific but she has been seen wearing it in various events.

Besides the fact that the jackets are made in leather, which the toughest material to make clothing.An outfit is made a hit or miss by the person wearing it. Fashion designers are aware of this and that is why they pick only the best celebs with a good reputation to wear their latest trends. They know that when the public sees them they will want to copy them and this will lead to them buying the designer clothes. Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt and Halle Berry are a few of the celebrities that are always a hit with whatever clothes they wear. For the people who love a vintage leather look the Steve McQueen jacket is your best bet for pulling it off.