Star Trek Jacket

This Season Looks: New Trends of Womens Leather Jackets

It has become hard, in recent times, to go through any women’s fashion magazine without encountering leather jackets. This is because the trans-seasonal appropriateness and general stylishness of star trek jacket has been rediscovered. Consequently, every fashion season (and a fashion season can be as brief as three months long), we see new trends for ladies’ leather jackets. In the current season, the new trends for women’s jackets made out of leather include:

The upsurge in leather jackets for women rendered in daring colors

The daring colors we are looking at here are the likes of red and pink. The star trek jacket in those colors look so adorable, especially when the wearers pose for selfies in them. The leather jackets for ladies that are rendered in these ‘daring’ colors are also rather conspicuous, making them ideal outfits for settings where one won’t mind being lavished with attention. While it can not be termed as a ‘daring’ color, green is also being increasingly seen in leather jackets for ladies -- and worn with the right dresses or skirts, it can be awesome.

The emergence of longer leather jackets for women

When we first saw leather jackets designed specifically for ladies, they tended to be short – mostly jackets whose length is such that they only reach the waist.

In this season, and in keeping with the trends started a few seasons back, the designers are introducing longer leather jackets for women. Most go right up to the knee level, and when worn with shorter dresses with the (jacket’s) zippers/buttons being left open, they create an adorable look.

The trend towards shinier leather jackets for women

The shininess in the leather jackets for women we are talking about is made possible through the use of polished varieties of leather. These leather jackets will normally be in the colors that look good when shiny, like the traditional colors for leather jackets which are brown and black. Designers and fashion lovers alike are becoming awake to the fact that leather allows for that shiny look without having to compromise on sophistication of materials used. In other words, leather is arguably the only high-end material that shiny jackets can be made out of.

The situation where fashion statements are made using the hardware on ladies leather jackets

The capability of the hardware (buttons and zippers) on ladies’ leather jackets to make fashion statements seems to have been ignored for long. We are, however, seeing new leather jackets for women in which the hardware is so amazing that it is actually the first thing that grabs your attention, when you look at the jacket.

The trend where uni-seasonal leather jackets for women are becoming popular

The uni-seasonable leather jackets for ladies in question here are those that, say, can be worn in summer, in spring as well as during the fall-winter continuum. Previously, we had been conditioned into thinking of leather jackets for various seasons: light ones for the summer and the spring, and heavier ones for the fall-winter continuum. The designers have, however, figured out ways of creating leather jackets that are light enough to be worn during the warmer seasons, and insulating enough to be worn during the cold periods.

The increase in leather jackets for women that can be worn with skirts or dresses

Under classic fashion thinking, leather jackets were seen as good matches for pants, which could be denim pants, matching leather pants or anything in between. In recent fashion seasons, the appropriateness of skirts and dresses worn with leather jackets has been discovered. Accordingly, in the current season, we are seeing more leather jackets for women that are specifically designed to be worn with dresses or skirts.