Resident Evil Jacket

Leather Jackets - Why Black is Always in Trend

Leather jackets that are black seem to be always in trend. Every fashion season, whenever the ‘trending outfits’ are being mentioned, you are sure to find a resident evil jacket in the list. This is an interesting phenomenon, for we see the trendiness of all the other types of outfits being transitional. Thus, other outfits tend to be trendy during certain fashion seasons, while being regarded as ‘out of trend’ during other fashion seasons. We are interested in finding out what is so special about leather jackets that are black, in order to understand why they are always in trend.

It emerges that in as far as leather jackets go, the reasons as to why black is always in trend include the facts that:

Leather jackets that are black match with so many other outfits

Indeed, it can be asserted that the leather jackets that are black can match with any outfit. This means that whatever happens to be trending in the fashion circles at any point in time and during any fashion season is bound to be a good match for the resident evil jacket. This state of affairs then ensures that the leather jackets that are black maintain a trans-seasonal stature (as far as fashion seasons go).

Black is one of the colors into which leather is dyed, by default

This means that apparel makers who don’t want to incur further dying costs opt to simply make their leather jackets black. The marketers are then left to figure out ways of introducing the said (black-colored) leather jackets into the market. What they tend to do is find ways of always keeping the black-colored leather jackets in fashion. That leads to the situation where, in as far as leather jackets go, black ones are always in trend. In this respect, the black jackets are closely followed by brownish (tan) ones, which get into the market under a similar scenario.

Leather jackets that are black are easy to maintain

This means that they are always loved by people who buy jackets for practical reasons, and people who care about things like ease of maintenance. Given the huge number of such people (who make practical considerations when buying leather jackets) it follows that the demand for the leather jackets that are black is always great. This means that at all times, there are always lots of people on the streets wearing leather jackets that are black; giving rise to illusion that the jackets are always in trend at all times.

Pop culture (which influences fashion greatly) seems to always love black leather-based jackets

Thus, at every given point in time, you will almost always find a new trending movie in which the star or one of the prominent actors is in a resident evil jacket. At any given point in time, you are also almost certain to find a musician in a music video donning a leather jacket that is black. Given the fact that people pick fashion clues from the pop culture through things like music videos and movies, it follows that black leather-based jackets are almost always in fashion.

Designers find black leather easy to work with

This means that at any point in time, the designers are bound to be working on some black leather-based jackets. That is because black gives the designers a lot of room to work with. There is so much you can do with black, without messing up the look. As a consequence, black leather outfits, including the black leather-based jackets in question here, are always coming out of the design houses. Now we have to appreciate the fact that the newest items coming from the design houses are bound to be the ones that are regarded as ‘trendy’. Against that background, it is easy to understand why, in as far as leather jackets go, black ones are always in trend.