Michael Jackson Bad Jacket

Michael Jackson Leather Jackets - The Ones Which Define Style

People love designs, fashion and trends which are set by celebrities, they want to copy their favorite stars and look like them. Michael Jackson is one of the world’s most popular singers and has many followers. The jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the video of his song “Thriller” was a huge hit and although it was worn by him in 1983 it sold for $1.8 million at Julien’s auction.

The candy red jacket with its black stripes gave leather jackets a new style and a trend, it is “M” logo and angular rigid shoulder work was very popular. Michael Jackson was an icon and whatever he wore became a trend and fashion.

Deborah Landis was the designer and mastermind behind this jacket; she is also the designer of the jacket worn by Harrison Ford in “Indian Jones”. The jacket became very popular and in the mid 1980’s candy red jackets were very popular. Even in the modern era stars such as Kanye West and Chris Brown also emulated these jackets, the jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his music video of his song “Thriller” and the black and white copy which he wore in certain commercials of products put the Michael Jackson bad jacket among the best selling jackets of all time. People also started to produce counterfeits of these jackets and were sold to people for over $500 and the buyers thought that they were getting original Michael Jackson merchandise. In 1984 Michael Jackson was forced to file a lawsuit because too many unauthorized copies were sold.

Michael Jackson was a very popular singer and people followed him blindly. He was a trend setter and whatever he wore in his music videos became very popular among his fans. He was an iconic personality.

Leather jackets were only popular among the bikers at first but later on people started to get attracted towards these jackets and a whole new line of leather jackets were manufactured and sold around the world. These jackets are available in different varieties like the hooded bomber jackets, vented leather jackets, black biker jackets but Michael Jackson bad jacket was the most popular in the mid 1980’s. The best thing about leather jackets is that they can be worn at all occasion whether it is formal or informal and are available in many colors.

Red Michael Jackson bad jacket was very expensive when they were introduced and were sold in a huge number and were mostly bought by Michael Jackson fans. These jackets were sold within the range of $400-$500 but the price didn’t matter for the fans who bought these jackets at all costs. Leather jackets are still very popular and are still manufactured in different varieties. Leather jackets are manufactured by different companies which have different qualities, leather jackets are not only meant for looking good these jackets can protect you from the harsh weathers and can protect your skin to a certain extent if you are biker and have an accident.

Leather jackets seem to have never lost its popularity since the beginning however they have gained more popularity over the years especially with variety and colors these jackets are available in. if you really want to look stylish than leather jackets are the perfect attire.