Matrix Coat

The long coat - fashion trend made popular by movies

Leather garments show various horizons to demonstrate ever best clothing, undeniably comfortable and beautiful, that constantly inspires and insures new prospects.

For those, who like to attract attention to their amazing look, the best variant is a classic long coat, without any animal print and painting. Mentioned shades are already left in history. The length is that criterion, which may easily make you an eye-catcher.

Don’t afraid of being a bold snappy dresser, dare to be the trendiest, wearing a matrix coat. Choosing this type of apparel, original and exclusive model is the main feature to be the risky when buying this stylish thing. But the wearers win while wearing it during three seasons – autumn, winter and spring, because it helps during fall cold days, severe winter frosts and sunny spells in spring. Its universal specific demonstrates many abilities – to protect from wind, rain and snow.

No intricately things, just amazing strictness, boldness and wisdom are shown in the lines of such coats. Women attract beauty, elegance, cat’s sight and lion demeanor, wearing it. Such designer as Emilia Wickstead demonstrates this type of a long leather coat.

Print-happy handbags and purses may add to the look some special charming accents, dominating in the colour palette and genuine leather texture. Handbags material may be crocodile or ostrich leather, snakeskin or lambskin etc.

Many interesting details are hidden in a matrix coat model that bribes the wearers and helps them to create a lovely look. For instance, classic buttons and two-doubled collar, strict silhouette and accurate pockets just increase its beauty. Is this the dream of your life?

A long leather coat pretends to be a serious rival for wool winter coats. It may look more gorgeous in team with a fur hat, no matter what type of fur the wearer prefer – fox, mink, wolf or rabbit. The colours can also vary, moreover a bright brown or a white furry hat is the trendiest variant to make a lovely look.

A matrix coat is an extravagant type of clothing, but at the same time it gives the impression of comfort. It also gives a permission to attract passion and intrigue. Matrix movie inspired lots of designers and the fans of the film to underline this sophisticated garment, attracting digital and futuristic elements, but retro ‘90s-style leather coat, which used to be in fashion. Wearing this attire in contemporary time, the lovers of this thing adopt a “Bullet time” and all surrounding people enjoy this delightful look.  

The mystery of long leather coats is in the charm, which may be easily shown, while combining the coat with high heel shoes or knee-high boots to demonstrate a leather obsession.

In autumn or spring days, extravagant note may be added by wearing a trilby hat of any colour. Black shade will create a hot look with an iconic harmony. The brightest thing, that has a right to cut a dash, is a handbag or clutch. It may make a fantastic look of a well-dressed people. There is also a necessity to think of a beautiful chiffon or silk scarf with animal pint or different colours, which are proposed by leading fashion designers. Gloves may also be of the scarf’s print and have a fresh but warm scent at the same time.

So, The Matrix has you…