Mad Max Jacket

Celebrity jackets - the ones which are making a statement

Celebrities are the biggest influencers when it comes to the kinds of clothes to wear and buy. Whether it is intentional or not, how they are seen in public impacts on fans, critics and the gossip pages. Most of what they wear is seen on the movies, the red carpet, movie premieres and award shows e.g. Oscars or Emmys.

What we, the general public, see celebrities wearing on TV either inspires to get the item or to try a new style. Pop stars and actors/actresses at times release their own clothing line or perfume made for the fans. In movies cast members indirectly endorse the clothes that they wear. Because an item is worn by a well-known personality it can either become a trend or a fad.

Leather jackets have become wildly popular for the past few years. Different celebrities have worn the jacket on set and off the big movie screen. There are a few celebrity jackets that are loved and adored by the masses. This is because the jacket is different to what is commonly known or the colour and texture of the jacket is appealing. Above all, the jacket created an ‘I want that’ desire for the reviewer or watcher.

Celebrity jackets that are making a statement are quite a handful. Who can ever forget Michael Jacksons’ red and black leather jacket that he wore in his ‘Thriller’ music video? Although the jacket was worn decades ago, a replica of it is still available for sale online. The replica looks like the original, with the thick black strips below the jacket and the black ‘V’ shape that’s created by the strips of leather placed on either side of the jacket. The jacket represents Michael Jackson and has an edge and chicness to it. It is definitely a daring fashion statement.

Dark Knight star, Christian Bale’s, mad max jacket is also a celebrity jacket that is gaining popularity. It is a rather recent piece and the design could’ve prompted a liking for the jacket. It is quite lengthy, resembling a trench coat. It has a wide chest area and the leather has a rundown look to it. It is sold in various online stores at a reasonable price. The mad max jacket offered for purchase online is a replica of the original piece, just like the Michael Jackson biker jacket. It has a certain cowboy chic to it.

Singer and X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole’s pink quilted bomber leather jacket is definitely one of the jackets that is trending. She wasn’t wearing it on set or on stage. She was wearing it at the airport. The jacket is a pastel pink and the quilts are eye-catching. The quilt designs are small diamond-shaped and they are all over the jacket. It could be passed off as white if not looked at carefully. The jacket is trendy, sophisticated and classy. Worn with skinny jeans or leggings the jacket redefines the bomber jacket for women.

Only those who follow celebrities and pay attention to what they are wearing would be familiar with the mad max jacket. It is not exactly a jacket making the rounds like the biker and studded leather jackets. Making a statement with clothes is common. It is what you wear and how you wear it that edifies that statement when walking down the road.